For someone who is trying to woo the girl next to him, you’d think Reggie would start thinking before speaking. It’s clear Alex finds urban exploration interesting.

Sure, but she probably doesn’t partake, so calling urban explorer’s stupid doesn’t mean it’ll hurt his chances. She may even agree with him.

I coulda sworn when I read this years back there was scenes where Carol and Tom indulged in pet play, or was this just my tired mind remembering stuff funny? because I reread the whole thing after years of trying to find this comic again and theirs no sign of what I remember seeing.

I think:

within the last 3 years- Thomas said, or one of the Between Failure’s fans said…in the comments section- that Carol would look cute wearing just Scooby Doo’s collar.

I think that comment came during a discussion that the cast, or Carol’s ghost hunting friends, sometimes act like the heroes in the Scooby Doo cartoon.

(Carol in just Scooby Doo’s collar!…Ohhhh Myyyyy!- as Mr. Sulu would say.)

Reggie has improved as a character, but I’m still rooting for John to be the one who wins Alex. I don’t get why Jo and Thomas are rooting for Reggie over John.

Reggie has more capacity to keep Alex interested intellectually. She can take the wind out of his pomposity without cruelty, and he not only accepts that but comes back for more. John and Alex would burn out fast because it would be strictly physical, and there’d be aspects to his interest she wouldn’t tolerate for long. I like Alex: she has a great sense of her own worth.

I wouldn’t comment either if I saw Rise of Skywalker.

And I believe it was Trey Parker and Matt Stone that said it best: “The only thing worse than bad criticism is no criticism.”

Red and black do make for a classic color combo.

As far as Rise of Skywalker…best to make like Wendy Corduroy and just zip the lip.

Reggie, you can always start small on urban exploration: Go to a (barely) alive-but-dying mall.

I knew American retail was overbuilt, but not just how much so, from the TubeTube folks who do that. (And that was true a year ago before we all weren’t allowed to shop there.)

Salon online magazine had a great article about a couple who built an apartment inside a Mall, lived there for two years. You can google it, Salon.com … I think the year was 2008. Two YEARS.

There’s talk that a lot of dead mall space will end up as apartments soon.

The notion of “experiences” in malls sounds great and all–do things in the real world that you can’t buy on Amazon–but they tend to require a lot of capital, and most malls are basically hanging on by the skin of their teeth as it is.

Too many, too big for their areas or too far from their target market.

A friend of mine is on the legal side of these commercial real-estate deals and she pointed out a fairly large mall with three anchor stores, double level on a Y layout with the green / eateries at the crossroads in the centre. It had two hectares of land, most of which was parking lot. It was in a now technically empty suburb of Detroit. It cost millions when first built in the 80s. It was still in reasonably good repair and not vandalized since nobody of that ilk was withing walking distance and no bus line ran anywhere near it anymore. It was on the market for 250k and literally nobody wanted it.

Last I heard a group was getting to together to split the assets – one to recover the asphalt, another to recover metals from the grounds and what ever was being scrapped or replaced in the structure another was going to repurpose all that flat well drained land to agriculture and the last group were gutting the building to the shell and turning it into an indoor village.
No idea if the thing went through yet – what with this pandemic of stupid

Jackie, in frame one, the poster on the wall, is that Charizard at the top?
Or Dragonite? .. ?… and below that is that the John Hancock building with the two antennas?

The Rise of Skywalker.

I kept wanting to yell at the screen: “That’s not how the Force works!”

But I didn’t.

I watched the first “sequel”, if you want to call it that, and felt my intelligence severely abused and insulted. I refused to watch the second one, especially after a friend gave me his critical review and detailed all of the many, many storytelling, tehcnical, and canonical issues it had (Leia used the Force to survive explosive decompression!).

Disney hired the WRONG people to continue the franchise and I don’t expect it to ever improve, because people continue to pay to watch that garbage. I’ve written off Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Star Trek (not Disney’s fault, but equally garbage) as dead, unfortunately. I guess new generations can enjoy this stuff, but I can’t, so I’ll just stick to watching the originals.

Well, the Star Wars RPG I wrote back in 1981 had that ability as one of the advanced Force powers, so I just took it as evidence that the writers had seen my game. It was supposed to be an advanced power, though, and we hadn’t yet seen Leia receive any training, so there was that…

I don’t have a hoodie like that but I do have a red vest over black long sleeved shirts. My niece once gave me a red/black toque to put on my head and said I could be a ladybug.

Yes Reggie, people are stupid. However I tend to give a pass, to those whose stupidity only endangers themselves. So if you want to go solo cave diving or parachuting from high places knock yourself out so to speak. If you drag others into your dangerous scheme you deserve any bad that comes your way. I am looking at you covid protesters, especially the ones that dragged innocent children along.

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