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I wanted to avoid doing a certain amount of falling action for this story because it could go on for years if I hit on every beat. I know it’s not particularly entertaining but I want to get a little ways past this. I did actually write some stuff & I might put it on the patreon to fill in the blanks, but it’s not so important that it really needs to be part of the main narrative and take a year to do.


Good on ya Jackie, narrative speaking. Will have to sign up for the patreon, been lurking on here far too long.

I’ll this for Reggie: He might be cocky and eager to show off, but while he’ll boast about every successful thing he does, he’s above taking credit for things he did not do. The gang’ll get full credit for their contributions to his success.

I think it’s the right balance; that said while not knowing what you had in mind.
But so far it’s hit the right spots for me….

So, we say goodbye to Alex’s eyes…until the next time.

I admit Reggie looks a bit like a sharp (in the good way) lawyer in that suit.

There’s a good way to look like a lawyer? That’s like saying, wow that venomous snake has the most mesmerizing pattern to it’s scales….ow.

Not all lawyers are snakes. Mind the non-reptilian ones tend to migrate away from the reptiles and end up in areas like land transfer and such, working in the back office. Then there are the truly toxic invertebrates that go into patent and copyright law.

I personally know a number of lawyers of both ends of the scale so can be reasonably confident in my observation.

It’s a moot point when you realize that lawyers aren’t really there to seek out justice so much so as they’re there to spin the narrative to determine guilt or innocence in the name of justice.

The actual justice system is a joke.

Very accurate example of how the news handles things. When I proposed to my wife at comic con international, my aunt tipped off a local news crew ahead of time and they asked if they could do a story on it.
The reporter made it seem like she was really interested. I thought it’d be neat, a nice memento.
When it aired, they only used the footage that made us and our friends look like the biggest nerds possible, and then ended the story with “well, if these geeks can find love, I guess there’s hope for all of us.”
Never going to consent to a news interview again.

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