lol… didn’t expect her to be a colored girl? oooh, PUNny… yeah, that’s right, I wrote it with my PUNcil to PUNish you all.

I can understand the loss of cuteness, even though I can clearly see the banner, in the black and white I was imagining her with blonder hair in my imagination.

Actually I think she’s cuter in color. But maybe some people can’t appreciate black girls with blue hair.

i must say im happy to find out im not the only one surprised by brooksie being black i feel slightly less rascist

not 2 b racist but she shoulda been white ._.” love the hair tho… and does she srsly have nothing better 2 do than watch movies..?

I also think that brooksie looks less cute in colour but I don’t think it is because she has dark skin.

I think rather that it is the clash of her hair colour with her skin colour. It makes her appear too obvious, her hair colour always seemed darker than her skin colour, to act as a shield against the outside world but if it is lighter then it is more of a statement.

It makes her appear much more confidient.

And part of her charm was the shrinking back from things. Her abilities tied in with this, stealth and hidden knowledge.

I have to say I’m surprised (and a little disappointed) so many people gave a damn about what Brooksie’s skin color is. I’m also amazed that you dignified bre with a response in the comments.

#1 sign you’re a racist is saying “not to be racist” before saying something totally racist. As if asking for permission to be a bigot makes you a better person or something. And finally, considering that Crave is the creator of Brooksie and designed her “with clothes on” since most artists don’t draw their character’s nude then spend time drawing clothes on them to cover them up because that would be completely extra busywork YES she is how god made her and seriously we have an entire freaking trope called “word of god” for things said by the creator of a story about the world they’ve built in their story. So YES they are in fact GODS because they “created” a universe.

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