233 Lady Ace.

Cloak & Dagger is such an 80s movie.  It reminds me of Gotcha.  They go to East Germany in that movie.  Of course now it’s just Germany.  Makes you feel old when you realize that a kid would need a history lesson to understand a crappy movie from when you were little.


I need to watch more movies. I thought I was good at quoting things, but I’m afraid even I have to bow to Brooksie here.

Wow… I haven’t pulled out my copy of Cloak and Dagger in years. It’s probably covered in dust. It was SOOOO an 80’s movie, even from when he had the “visions” of Jack telling him what to do. And then it was totally believeable that you could put all those plan into an old game with the memory equivalent of an NES cartridge… yes… very believeable.

The only thing I recall from Cloak and Dagger is a guy running away from a huge die, a d12 or a d20, I forget which as it was about 25 years ago since I seen it.

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