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I think the worst movie I ever saw, with the most people, was Soul Plane.  It was so bad that it called attention to the fact that the people who were making it knew how bad it was.  We couldn’t even make fun of it properly, because the filmakers kept getting there first.  It was kind of like they were just giving us the finger and saying “Yeah, we made this piece of shit, but it’ll still make more money than you can imagine.”  In some ways, I admire that attitude.


Dude, seriously. I’m thinking it’s better if a movie that sucks takes itself seriously, so that you can at least rip on it.

Dear Zach, I love you for making this comment. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing that the comment portion of this website was working properly!! love & kisses, The Mysterious Stranger

lol that seems like the perfect chat up line in my opinion, but then again this maybe why I have had no girlfriends >.<

I can’t believe that you idiots are talking about the movie and are ignoring the fact that she just asked him out. Also, again reminds me of my ex D:

The worst movie I’ve seen is the Attack of the Screaming Foreheads. Absolutely awful. “The brain is so lumpy, it is so obvious thoughts are contained within the shiny, beautiful… Forehead!”

i looked star wars holiday special on youtube, say four minutes of it and decided to take your word for it. and now i am to afraid to look up soul plane.

………i swear if this wasn’t a way to ask out for a date….i wouldn’t know what is anymore…..

wait… then who is… is … Edward has a chance right now to go on a date with Jolene… but Edward stated he liked grace… fuck. what is the answer. I sortaaaaa want him with grace, but…. I dunno. he seems to have more common interests with Jolene…. ASS AND NANNIGANS.

For me, the movie that’s terrible but fun to rip into is Signs.

And Brooksie was super smooth despite being a shy one.

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