720 Repetition.

I had a dream where I was in high school and there was a huge track meet going on, but I was late. Apparently there was also a choir thing on the same day. Since everything was so busy with these events no one noticed that I was late, or that I was even around really, so I snuck into the choir staging area and started enjoying their food. It was basically a line of stuff like in a cafeteria so you walked along with your plate and someone dropped stuff on it. I ended up in line next to this guy who only communicated in song. Since he was doing it everyone around him was compelled to do it, so when he started talking to me I had to respond in song. He stopped when I sang about pretentious douchebags that do things to openly mock people outside their sphere of influence. Then I was like “It’s okay to sing if you do it for the right reasons.” and everything was cool. I woke up shortly thereafter.


dude, Brooksie is one hot BAMF. i would like to see her in an action movie. XD

(Before you get all dirty on me, BAMF is Bad Ass Mother F*cker, usually refers to people who could easily kick everyone’s ass at once, but doesn’t)

BAMF is the noise Nightcrawler makes when he teleports… thus also to “bamf” is to teleport. I’ll hear naught else of it.

Teleportation I’d awesome if done right. Might even call it Bad A??. So it’d kinda make sense for his description to be your sound effect. Or I’m being silly on purpose. Probably both.

Also, I missed a page, and when I went back I noticed that the comments are all screwed up. Also every other comment I post from my phone is plagued by lag. WHYYYYY? WHY HAVE THE GODS OF SPEEDY CONNECTIOS ABANDONED ME?

Argh! I wish I could remember what I want to say in my first postings!

Brooksie looks like the woman from those “we can do it” posters from WWII. you know, where they’re recruiting the women for factory work.

For Brooksie’s next trick, she will now proceed to freak out the new guys by appearing schizophrenic with a series of rapid movie quote transitions accompanied by the appropriate acting! Let’s see how well the asshat can handle a Shatner-Clooney-L.Jackson-J.Fox-Gibson-Stallone combo!

i think she will accept him as a co-worker, but love is out of the question if he can’t remember movie quotes (I think if he can at least remember some he’ll have a chance, but not atm)

I don’t think it was intentional, but he responded to her quote correctly. That’s exactly the Six-Fingered man’s response! Forgive me if I’m being Capt. Obvious.

I actually got someone to accidentally respond correctly to a movie quote once. He only botched his last line by saying:
“What babe with what pow- oh my God you’re talking about that movie!”

Now hold on, don’t think I mean after “The babe with the power”. He responded that way after “The power of voodoo”.

Ha, this entire Princess Bride arc is flipping sweet.

@Slipdance – it definitely wasn’t intentional, but it’s still freaking awesome.

YAY the site loads up way faster now!
Still the best movie evuh by the way. It’s good to know so many cool people know it.

Is it bad that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish Jo was real O_o…I’d sit around watching movies with her every freaking day O_O…”We accept her, one of us.”

He doesn’t know a Princess Bride quote *as*a Princess Bride quote? It’s just “that film with…”?

He gets no part in Brooksie’s movie.

OK, maybe a walk-on, but no lines.

No movie based on a book can ever be as awesome as the book it’s based on.
The Princess Bride comes very close however, because the author of the book (William Goldman) also did the screenplay. Along with the screenplays for many other famous films. Several of which were based on his own books.

geeze lol…least I used a qoute from an old movie brooksie probably hasnt even heard of in previous comment here…

Really think she never heard on Freaks? Come on, teachers organize viewing for highschools kids! I am mostly sure that to find a movie she never saw, it’s better to avoid anything near to horror, fantastic, thriller, sf, fantasy… yeah, would I have to choose a film she never saw, I’d go modern european indy films that never made the atlantic slip, or old mute historic films, like Abel Gance Napoleons. Even if I’m sur she’d have known his name from his version of Jules Vernes Michel Strogoff.

Also, typing that qoute into google tells you what it is :P
Though I’ve never heard of a school that did a showing of Freaks…
However, I wonder if she does “watch” Japanese Horror/thriller films…BEFORE they are stolen by hollywood and turned into gelationus piles of excrement…I.E…Battle Royal or Ju-on…Then again…I’m an asshole with a bunch of UFI floating around in my head and I love to start stuff…

Well I went to see an (awful) indie movie five days ago and saw Freaks on the film list. After asking an employee, I finally got to know that it was a highschool showing and that they would make others just for other highschools from the city. And I speak of a big movie complex, the second bigger in Europe, not of an indy downtown theater. Of course this takes place in France, standards may differ from a land to another, but I remind having discussions involving Browning as cult in other lands such as germany, switzerland, italy, belgium or netherlands. Japanese Battle Royale and Ju-on are quite known here too.

Well im canadian :P, and just about everyone I ask thinks Condemned was a NEW concept…(battleroyale rip-off)…and so forth…then again, my friends and I watch foreign and weird stuff…anyway, last post for awhile, gotta move cross country…nice discussion though :)

The part where brookies says Killed My Father Prerare To Die That is from the Movie The Princess Bride.

I prefer Count Rugen’s response from after he has stabbed Inigo.

Someone has an overdeveloped sense of vengeance, it is going to get you into trouble someday.

Nice use of the reference to that depth. Unfortunately, Brooksie might think he actually knew the reference he quoted…

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