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Had jury selection today. It was brutal. My body is still really weak from being sick, or maybe the antibiotics, either way I was struggling. They kept it just below boiling in the courtroom on top of everything else so I was feeling pretty melty. Anyway, I didn’t get chosen & we were out by noon. Good thing too because it was going to be multiple days and it was a massive inconvenience for everyone in my family. Carting grandpa around isn’t fun on a good day, on top of gas prices and everything else. Anyway, I don’t know when I’m going back to regular pages. I’ll just have to see what I feel like come Sunday night.

What I do know is that money is a thing I’m always gonna need so, if you somehow have some to spare to support my work, you can use the links above or on the sides, or wherever you find them on the page. I have faith in you.

Also, someone sent me a Lego set, but the bag was so damaged that the little bit of paper that tells you who sent it was gone. If that was you, thank you very much. I will add it to my Minecraft world to further impress my nephew.


…. Did Jo somehow take out or lose her contacts in the middle of the conversation?

That’s puzzling.
I guess the image of Goth-Jo, is- how Jo is imagining how she would look in a goth outfit, + in [that imagining], Jo likes to imagine herself with [blue-ish?]eyes.

Having said that- the Goth-Jo outfit that we’re seeing today, REALLY shows off her figure!

As Hobbes, from Calvin + Hobbes, might say: “Yow! Yow!”

Today I learned: petite, dark.skinned goth women might be a… -i dunno? fetish? thing? taste?- I didn’t know I had…

other possibilities could include “my type” or “in my strikezone”

there’s probably other phrases that work too but those the ones that I use most frequently

Being your grandfather’s caretaker was probably your out all along but the selection process is a drag. The second strike against you as a juror is your profession. While I think creating a webcomic is an honorable profession most lawyers was the most ordinary people possible for a jury. It’s easier to predict what will sway them. Going through the process is still a drag though.
On a darker note; Goth Jo is totally vote incentive material.

That’s pretty much what the jury system is really about. It’s about spinning the best argument by attorneys towards those with little to no knowledge of the law in order to determine a fair outcome. It’s got nothing to do with actual justice.

American juries are a pathetic shadow of what they were historically supposed to be. Starting with the fact that not even one in ten criminal cases ever even go to trial.

As an ultra-conservative, evangelical Christian, I’ve found that the best way to get out of jury duty is to say “the only true justice is God’s justice.” They can’t get you out of the building fast enough.

I feel some mention should be made of goth vs emo vs punk, but I don’t feel qualified to make the distinctions.

Magic phrase for getting out of jury duty, last I came in contact with it, was “I’m a contractor.” When you can’t just fork over your skinny little county check and get paid for a normal workday, most judges would rather not have you around. You’ll be constantly looking at the clock and wondering when you can get back to work, instead of paying attention to the case.

“I am vengeance! I am the night! I… AM… DARKWING DORK!”

sorry, couldn’t resist…


We need to have the whole scooby gang infiltrate a goth club, in costume, in search of all the lost fun.

Isn’t this a trace of the ghost hunt comic? The images are almost exactly the same, only the text is changed.

All of the sick day comics are recycled art with minor edits to suit the text. That’s why they’re unnumbered. I can’t work properly because of illness, but I always try to provide some content.

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