1018 Precogmission.

My last issue of Nintendo Power finally arrived. I’d already seen the cover on twitter, so that wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was how intensely sad I was, even if it passed quickly. Even though NP far outlived its usefullness I will miss it.

The other day they had a sale on all the Angry Birds games, so I went ahead and got every one of them. At least I think I did. The Star Wars one is cute. I havent played long enough to get the lightsabre for the red bird though. The one I’ve actually been playing is Bad Piggies. You have to make little contraptions to get the pigs from point A to point B. It’s gets more open ended as you go, and there’s a sandbox level where you can just derp around with parts you earn. It is remarkably entertaining. Much more so than Angry Birds propper in many ways.

Um… I don’t have much going on to talk about what with Christmas coming up. Updates will continue as normal, so if you get bored after presents, or don’t do that sort of thing, I’ll be here. At least in as much as I am ever here. Although it’s kind of like when the alien is talking to Commander Cisco on DS9 and they are like you live here, and here is a memory of his wife dying. I’m always sort of here. In, apparently, the saddest and nerdiest way possible…

The people that made Smurfs’ Village made a spinnoff game called Smurf Life, I think, where you actually play as a single Smurf in the village and help the others do repetative tasks. It is… not fun. It could have been called Smurfs’ Fetch Quest if they wanted to be a little more on the nose. The special magic money is also insanely expensive. A trend that appears to be epedeming in freemium games now. I thought the original game was pushing it, but by comparison it’s a cheap date. Long story short I just deleted the thing after I realized I was gonna need $45 bucks every time I wanted to complete a simple task AND it was boring.


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