667 We Have Reached An Accord.

You almost get the feeling this outcome was what Ed wanted all along…

My host is having intermittent problems again today. Hopefully they will soon have it all sorted out and I can go back to never thinking about them. This is the second time I’ve tried to set up this post unsuccessfully.

I went on a hunt for a can of green Play Doh the other night. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but the relative quality of Play Doh products has deteriorated in recent years. The cans are the same price I remember, but smaller. I wasn’t after any “sculpting tools” but I noticed that those too lacked a certain sturdiness. Maybe I’ll find less discouraging items in an actual store. online retailers clearly aren’t too worried about staking their claim in the ultra profitable play Doh market.

I did see that a perfume is available made to smell like Play Doh. Any single ladies looking to ensnare this chunky artist would do well to apply it to strategic locations if the chance should arise to meet me in person. Powerless to resist I would be.

Although if Play Doh scent is unavailable being fruit flavored would do in a pinch. I detest flower scents, and pretty much anything other than fruit smells. Coconut, would work too. Now that I think about it I wonder what all odors are available. I should look them up sometime…

A perfume that smells like disinfectant would be good for conventions. That way you could at least smell like you aren’t a plague carrier.


It’s tantamount to war if you unlock new guys on someone else’s game without their express permission, first. That’s like the gamers’ seventh law or something, I’m reasonably sure. (right after “If it aint a head shot, its a complete miss)

Play-d’oh went downhill after the market started getting particularly regulatory. Have you seen the “new” barbershop? Basically a flimsy half-gestated clone of the 80’s set (minus the heart and soul. Sweet, delicious soul….). Like most everything I blame society (After all, if anyone can take the extra blame, it’s society. Right?)

Ever since dating a girl who wore a lot of the ‘spicy’ fragrances (Four classifications of scent in perfumes: Fruity, Spicy, Woodsy, and Floral) I’ve developed an appreciation for the Mediterranean stuff. Not only does it smell good, it’s lick-able, too!

Spicy like peppers?

Peppers, yes, but also spicy like more exotic minerals. And exotic is really a kind of loose term. Let’s see if I can remember the ‘definitions’ of the scent groups because perfume makers are insane:
Floral; kinda obvious here, but it smells like flowers (Lavender, Jasmine, etc..)
Woodsy; Slightly less obvious as it includes not just tree scents, but things like grass, too (which you’d think went in Floral, right? am I right?)
Fruity; C’mon. Really. Fruit. Ever smelled one?
and Spicy; Smells like spice. Like both kinds of cinnamon (Cinnabar and … er… the one they use in cinnamon rolls. Like not the hot one.), but not saffron (which I understand to be a woodsy scent for some reason), and strictly perfume spices (most of which taste terrible, despite earlier gag about this scent group being lickable. I mean, they are, you CAN lick them, but they taste terrible).

Then there’s the kind of scent I want to see in a cologne (or perfume): Buffalo Chicken. 40 weight oil. Neighbor lady who forgets to pull the shades down. and the ever popular: Bacon. It may have been a Taco Bell commercial, but they were right, a woman who smells like bacon gets ALL the men.

I like that emphasis on “with many partners”

My sister lent me her copy of Mariokart DS. Guess what I did. That’s right, not only did I unlock all of the guys, but all of their optional karts as well.

Although it’s a shame that all of Princess Peach’s karts were rubbish. I had to win it all with Luigi. I hate Luigi.

All my best times are with Luigi in his standard kart, and the only person whose time I never beat also uses Luigi in his standard kart. The balance between racers was much better on the Wii version, and I liked the motorcycles better than the karts.

I too preferred the motorcycles especially the star one with the huge drift stat. I am a drift ninja i would use it to pull sharp turns and get awesome dodges and shots in battle mode.

Yeah, the motorcycles definitely had more going for them. Easier to drift in them and they’re not as wide (meaning I don’t bump into things as easily, but then that also means that if I do get bumped I miss the boxes T_T)

This faithful, female reader would like the artist to note that she wears cherry, vanilla, and peach scents almost exclusively. The only variation is occasionally a hint of Love’s Baby Soft. This is because other scents make the reader gag, sneeze, and/or itch horrifically.

Just in case we ever meet.

Most perfumes give me a headache if they are very strong or aren’t “natural” smelling. Some candles can do it too, but the smells can be pretty random. My mom has a coffee flavored one that I hate. I like the smell of real coffee, but the candle is the worst.

Well, guess not everyone can/will like the fact that I wear lavender. o.o; Or the fact that my room and clothes smells like Dragon’s Blood incense. At least, I used to wear lavender. Not anymore though since mom is allergic to it. =/

Lavender is not in my list of top favorite smell for sure. It has different shades though. Some I can tolerate.

It’s been a long time since I smelled that kind of incense, so i don’t remember what I thought of it. I used to sell it back in the day.

I figured that was the case since you didn’t mention it in the rant space. =3 If you ever wanna snag this girl in a trap, just use a subtle cologne that makes a man smell clean shaven and fresh. Hard to describe why that comes to mind for me when I smell certain kinds of cologne. I’ve even come across some kinds like that that send me into a sensory overload.

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