1162 Sexy Rule.

I had a dream the other night that I was in school. I think it was high school, but it might have been college. My high school and college experiences were nearly indistinguishable… In any event I was in a class that was being taught by Stephen Colbert. It was apparently the first day of classes and I was surprised by this turn of events. I was even more surprised when he presented me with the non existent second volume of Between Failures, which was just a bunch of random manga pages strategically colored to vaguely match the cast. He then began berating me for my blatant plagiarism. In spite of the absurdity of the situation I didn’t wake up right away and had to argue with him for several minutes. Argue might be inaccurate. I was simply stating that I had nothing to do with whatever the aforementioned abomination was and it made no sense that he was a teacher because he had a show to do. Just before I woke up the thought crossed my mind that even if it was because of this ridiculous scandal he might mention the comic on his show and I’d get some traffic off it. So I guess my subconscious believes that there is no such thing as bad publicity…


I can almost envy Carol and Thomas, the people I usually fight with end up causing a severe burning sensation deep in the pit of my core until I am at a safe distance from them…

I have a couple friends who are always at each other like that, and a few years back, we were hanging out, and they were sniping at each other, and I told them that they were totally going to get married some day, citing pretty much the same rule as Brooksie. They laughed at me, and told me reality isn’t always like fiction, and they weren’t interested in each other at all.

They got married last month.

Fiction and reality are constantly intertwined. Why?
Well, according to the “pan theory”, once it’s written, it’s real on some plane of existence.

Which means, by the transitive property, all slash fics are real somewhere. Your mind? Scarred.

Jo, you’re so cute.

You seem very with-it in that dream. Clearly recognizing problems and trying to reason with them. You recognized that the second volume was not yours, that colbert should be doing his show instead of teaching, and you recognized an opportunity for publicity. I’m never that aware of dream illogic. In the last dream I remember having I ran a detective agency and my investigations partner was a flying shih tzu who talked like a hard-boiled, film noir character. It never occurred to me that it might not be normal.

The funny thing is I could see Colbert doing that as a skit on his show. Not you specifically, but something similar.

For maximum fun in this situation, point out to Jo that she and Reggie fight more than any of the other cast.

Then watch her brain lock up in panic.

I don’t remember giving you permission to dream about me, or my top-secret manga project, Between Colbertures.


You dream very close to lucid dreaming.

My high school and college were very different. Since I went to school all in the same place, high school was the culmination of years spent with the same people, some since grade school, others joining the stream in middle school. I make it sound nicer than it was because a lot of that time I got picked on, but the faces were familiar.

College was five times as large a campus all filled with strangers. almost no familiar faces. I didn’t get picked on there but I felt like a very small island of me in a sea off the map labelled “here be dragons”.

Crave, will you EVER tell us what the numbers of the characters mean? Or maybe just tell us which numbers correspond to which character? I’ve been reading for … I don’t know how long (a while. time is odd for me.) … and I’d forgotten until the blatant “8” on Jo’s shirt. So… will we ever know? Will we have to pay to know?

You should definitely pay me to know. I could really use the cash. The numeric designations for the characters are Thomas/4 Carol/6 Nina/9 Edward/12 Jessica/13 Mike/11 Reggie/6 Wes/13 (although I think I forgot at one point and it is incorrect on some pages.) John/3 I can’t remember anyone else’s without looking for sure. I think Alex is 4 and Rooster is 7, but I’d have to find my notes.

I’ve only ever told one person the meanings to the numbers and, as far as I know, she took that information to her grave. Since that time I think Alex and Wes were officially added to the list. Nina’s number is the absolute most obvious one, and probably the only one a person could correctly guess. Jo’s would be next, but a key bit of information would have to be revealed about her that has never come up in the comic. Possibly Jessica’s could be guessed cold as well. I don’t think a person could guess any of the others. I’d have to tell them.

Alex’s ears have not been visible up to this point, so thanks for filling in that data point. I think Snape is 8, Vermin is 3, Dawn and Lewis are 5s, Joise’s a 9 (yeah, I’m crazy enough to track the one off throwaway characters.)

And now, class, turn to page 83 of THE ACTION HERO’S HANDBOOK, to cover the chapter, “How to Turn Sexual Tension Into Mad, Passionate Sex.”

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