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Even though Jo is trying to establish independence here I think it would be safe to say that she actually likes the fact that someone cares enough to not let her walk a few hundred feet, alone, at night. It’s the kind of way people express care in a subtle way. Just like supporting an artist on a site like Patreon, or subscribestar. Because artists are goofy and can’t be left to their own devices.

If you want to jump past the emergency filler arc use this link:

2364 Simple & Clean.


Am shortie. It’s lovely when people care about your wellbeing. It’s also a struggle to get people to take you seriously when you’re shorter than them, especially if you’re young and feminine and cute.

*snerk* niiice segue! But, I will not launch into my patented tirade about being a woman alone in an ‘unsafe’ space. (tl;dr there’s no such thing as a ‘safe’ space, anywhere, but managing the risk is worthwhile to maintain independence)

Alternatively, Reggie and whoever else he is driving could walk Jo home then back to the car, unless he would be driving past her place anyway.

Depending on the neighborhood/area it’s not a great idea to walk around alone after dark unless you happen to be super intimidating on your own or can otherwise be someone who is clearly not a target. Traveling in groups generally solves this problem unless the reason to be wary is gangs doing things like gang muggings, in which case three women and a small dude might look enough like a target, especially with one of the women being small and the other two being visibly out of shape, but if you are fearing a lone mugger/assaulter just having a few people with you should be sufficient irrespective of how threatening your group is, and given this is established to be a smallish town IIRC, probably not fearing gang assaults here.

Also, aren’t Jo and Alex roommates? Is Alex going elsewhere before heading home?

just imagining Jackie as George Geef, playing candy crush (or Disney emoji blitz) on a device, now, instead of doing more great artwork.

I don’t know what’s a better character break here: Jo being independent or Reggie caring about Jo’s well-being.

Is street crime much of an issue in small midwestern cities? I am genuinely asking.

If it was here in Boston or one of the other cities in New England, I’d agree with Reggie 110%.

I think there’s a line from the novel- Great Expectations by Charles Dickens:

“This is London, a large city. Here…people will: rob you, cheat you, or KILL you,…but you can get that anywhere.”

I hav pondered the situation of thou starving artist out there. This one is about converting your readers to support you on SubscribeStar etc.

First, a question (you can keep the answer to yourself): is your readership growing over time, and is it growing quickly enough for where you want to go? How many of these convert into paying? (I think something like 1-2% is a number that often appears in the business world but yours may be different.)

You can increase your monthly revenue by converting more of your audience, by converting them to higher-paying tiers, and/or by expanding the audience to give more opportunities for conversion.

Hence, second, I think it might be time for you to expand your audience, or at least try. My suggestion is that you find one or more indie comics sites and offer to write a guest post or do an interview. (In case you’re breaking into a cold sweat, I think these are often done via email these days.)

Whaddya say, Jackie? Introduce a new generation of readers to Between Failures.

Pretty sure Jackie has already tried that route, since I am 99% certain that’s how I arrived here some hoary long time ago. And I agree with Jackie that the “webcomic creator” community is, uh, difficult. I’ve left most of them for being either lazy, entitled, preachy, or total jerkwads. Which saddens me because several were very talented, and I know a webcomic wasn’t the “artist for Marvel comics” dream they had, but still, they coped by acting like their work WAS equal to Rob Liefeld. This is outside of toxic political stuff affecting so many people everywhere.

Just a note for the future, should webcomics ever detox (and let’s hope they do): in marketing, it is in general not enough to run a single ad at one point in time to attain eternal success. Some people may miss the ad, new arrivals a year later presumably won’t see it, and so on and so forth. I’m afraid that as a creator you will instead, every now and then, have to remind potential readers that you exist.

Reggie used to make my skin crawl every time he was in a panel, but you have time and again made these characters into real people by giving them depth and definition and after reading today’s page I caught myself saying “aww look at Reggie being all chivalrous and shit! What a good friend!!” Totally not what I would have said when I started reading about 9 years ago.
And now not the comic for a bit…
Not gonna lie… I’m enjoying readying your Patreon pitches almost as much as the story line lately!! If I wasn’t already donating every month you would have convinced me to start!

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