442 Hit The Deck.

I woke up this morning with the theme from Magnum P.I. stuck in my head.  Your whole life takes on a different tone when you clearly hear that music playing, persistently, in the background.  I couldn’t help but imagine myself at the helm of a speedboat, while pushing my cart through Wal-Mart.  Its prow cutting across the crests of waves as it carried me towards values of questionable quality. 



Hm. I find it slightly odd that Big Mike noticed Reggie first. I guess Brooksie could have noticed yet not reacted since SHE’s not the one avoiding him.

I thought she had ninja skillz, dang it!

She does have ninja skillz. She knows how to look adorably confused behind people’s backs. Just look at the epic question mark. Grade S skillz.

Indeed. Panel 3 has a cute expression.

As for the Magnum PI thing… I know what your talking about. I do that all the time. But my Imagine fighter jets.

I just noticed this, but in the third panel, Broksie’s eyes have a different color than they normally do. In the title banner they have a bit of an amber color, and in that panel they’re a purplish color.

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