This is the best and most true representation of a man-talk on the internet. Except, the dialogue would have taken 10 or more minutes and covered exactly the same ground.

It shouldn’t matter if you reveal to much of the man code because the unmanly would not be able to comprehend it’s writings.

I’m guessing holding your DS that low must be a retail thing… or else a people-who-aren’t-short-sighted thing. I always hafta hold my closer to my face.

Gotta hold the DS below the level of the counter so customers won’t spot it and report ya. I learned that one the hard way.

Still… I couldn’t abide the eye-strain those things gave.
Best leave handhelds to the Japanese. They just ain’t for the likes of me.

How do you know how long this took? I’d say this conversation could very well have lasted 10 minutes :)

True, every between-panel, black line is the graphic representation of the passage of approximately 5 minutes.

Self published? Most stores won’t carry a book that’s self-published.

Actually even big bookstores will have signings for self-published books for a decent sized local author if they think there’s any money to be made out of it. An ISBN on the book helps but isn’t necessary as you can just use a dummy code and type in the price.

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