i say NNNNOOOOOO!!!! not because i carre for mike’s well being, but instead i say NNNNOOOOOO!!!! because we can’t have a new manager yet! mike is still useful.

Agreed, Crawfish.

SO much *potential* in you Mike. And you wanna throw it all away like that? Shut up and go on with your business.

One is concerned because she foresees Mike being disemboweled.

One is concerned because she sees Thomas being emotionally eviscerated.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” This is why Mike will suffer but no one will end him.

Mike did nothing wrong. Everybody wants customers. Everybody needs customers. Mike did something to bring customers. He did his job. That an employee has a purely personal problem with that, is just that: his purely personal problem. If Thomas can’t deal, he can ask for the day off. It is up to him to know his limitations.
Mike, if he learns of this, might sympathize for Thomas’ feelings, might station him somewhere else in the store that day, or send him on some long delayed training, but he should not feel like he screwed up somehow.

this is when he is gonna be told he is a “sixer” and that being placed as management of this store means you are being given an excuse to be fired.

*plays funeral dirge* you screwed up mike. you screwed up hard. carol… work fast. SMOTHER T WITH BOOBS TO MAKE HIM DIE OR FEEL BETTER, OR FEEL BETTER AS HE DIES! its the only answer we have left to us.

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