I used to cackle like a witch when I was younger, now I snort when I laugh.

For some reason I am flashing back to Esmerelda Weatherwax and her crew from Maskerade by Terry Pratchett when you mentioned that…

Reggie you’re proving my point. Everyone has an inner supervillain

I would be the worst supervillain ever.

“And if you do not accede to my demands, WASHINGTON WILL BE DESTROYED!”
“Okay, okay! We’ll do it! It’s just… this is really all you want? Not millions of dollars or control of the country?”
“JUST STOP MICHEAL BAY FROM MAKING MORE TRANSFORMER FILMS! THAT’S ALL I WANT! HOW HARD IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND?… Oh, and also an AC tech sent to these GPS coordinates, if it isn’t too much trouble. My volcano base is dreadfully hot lately.”

The more you write Reggie the more I similar I find myself to him. I was that kind of an egotist and asshole in my youth too. I hope he has a good arc of maturation, he’s already a much better person than the Reggie we first met.

I’ve been known to cackle. Worst still, I have a friend who will annoyingly do so at the drop of a hat, even when the joke that set him off wasn’t even that good. Like he forces it on purpose to maintain that “hey look, I’m crazy” air. |:/

Where I work, we have alarms. As Security, we make sure the personnel exit in an orderly fashion, and that it is safe to reenter. One way is with an airhorn. The last time I did it, there was maniacal laughter.

“You already do, you just don’t realize.” This has to be the best “Just be yourself.” to appear in anything. I think she’s just realizing why her friend agreed to date Reggie.

On twitter:
Jackie mentioned that someone is making a film version of the book, “The House With a Clock in it’s Walls”.

I remember seeing, as a kid: a 1979, kid’s, TV movie, named- Once Upon a Midnight Scary [R].

Once U.A.M.S. was a film, with 3 stories in it, with “The House with a…” as one of the stories. It is hosted by Vincent Price.
As a kid’s, spooky movie, OUAMS is pretty good.

The footage from that show was cut up into more than one special over the years, but I could never find the title of any of them because no one ever remembered the title of the shows, just the stories inside them. I’ve been looking for over two decades for this very show and now someone finally remembered it other than me. Thank you so much.

Hi Jackie,

I tried to put a comment on this page, a few minutes ago, but it didn’t appear.
I tried to reload the comment, a few times, but that kept getting me the “duplicate comment” message.
Something’s not working, there.
What do you think?
Cheers, TRA

You can’t put multiple links in a post or the site is set to recognize it as spam. If that happens from a user with approved posts I have to moderate it.

That’s cool. :)

I thought maybe I was having technical, or electronic, difficulties, with that thingy called – the net. :D

Cheers, TRA

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