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I recently went to a local Chinese buffet for the first time the other day. It was pretty good, but like all little Chinese places it has its own weird little quirks. This place displays all the food on a big tv on a loop from what looks like an ipad. in any case it was good, like I said before, but I just never got around to going. The teen said it was good so mom and I went the last time she was in town.

There hasn’t been anything going on with me that I haven’t talked about a lot already and I really don’t feel like talking about my mental health again right now, so maybe I’ll just put a link to the Discord server and you can see what I say there when I go in to cause trouble with the regulars LINK


Oh reggie, sweet summer child, you know nothing of the ways of food.

The best chinese buffets are always the ones that look run down.

Also, they are the places which are most focused on the food, instead of the atmosphere. I love going to “hole-in-the-Wall” Chinese restaurants.

It is always a good sign if there is at least one octogenarian in the kitchen doing some actual cooking. Best little Vietnamese place I knew growing up and through college went downhill fast when the grandparents couldn’t work in the restaurant any more.

I’m trying to remember the last time I went to a Chinese buffet. Most likely Summer of 2014. I’ve been to Asian and Chinese restaurants, just not a buffet. I stopped eating pork, shellfish, shrimp, etc., in 2015, so I haven’t really had much reason to go.

General Tao’s chicken, ahoy! To me, it’s THE Chinese buffet item!

Yeah, put on top of the fried rice and let it soak through. Dammit, now I’m hungry, and my IV just doesn’t look appetizing.

*Looks in awe + joy at your suggestion, like the monkeys seeing the monolith in Kubrick’s “2001” *

But really- Thanks! I never would have thought of doing that! :D

I’m liking Victoria more and more. Looking out for her friend and helping her brother, while smacking him down at the same time. This is the sort of thing where I might sympathize with Reggie, but it feels like it’s been awhile since he’s gotten a good roast.

Sorry for that but ,”terrible” in the first bubble.

Well she is pressing her knuckle against her lip as she is speaking so “Terrble” would be a good representation of her impeded speech.
[that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it like an overripe banana – mmmm banana]

It’s not only true for buffets. I had been walking in front of a shabby, pitiful-looking asian “cantina”, for several weeks, without ever wanting to set foot in it, because of its unappealing looks (cheap, school-restaurant-like tables, only stools, not chairs, chopsticks were presented in bulk, in the bottom halves of plastic water bottles, cold tea was served from “repurposed” water bottles – that is, the labels had been peeled away).

And yet, the place was packed FULL, every noon. And not only by asian people. So, one day, I tried it, and I understood: They merely served the BEST bo-bun I had ever tasted, and, in top of that, it was cheap AND plentiful.

So, yep, now I know that when a restaurant has poor looks and still packed to bursting, there is something to it worth investigating :D

There’s a place kind of like that in Etter TX. Just a little gas station grocery that handles mostly Spanish labeled stuff, and has a grill. Very good hamburger, as good a chicken enchilada as I’ve ever had, and with the BEST spanish rice I’ve ever had. I didn’t even know I particularly liked spanish rice till then.

I, too, have been fulled by Chinese places that looked cheap from the outside. Luckily one day I noticed the smells wafting from it and decided whatever was making those smells were at least worth a taste.


Wow Reggie, you dense as fuck. You are interested in Alex because of whats on the inside not the outside and yet you go and judge a food place by its outward appearance.

With food, it’s different though. You ever had food poisoning? I never understood what the phrase “I can’t even look at food” meant until the one time I got something that went bad.

Every Chinese restaurant tastes the same. I have found no noticable difference between any of them. Sweet n’ Sour Chicken or the Pork Fried Rice is the same no matter where you go.

I’m going on a limb and suggest you never found your own favorite restaurant/dish. I kind of agree with you, most of the chinese restaurants I’ve ever tried had really similar menus and similar-to-identical recipes. But there are two i’ve frequented with both one differing item each that I just cannot find anywhere else: one has the best green curry beef, the other has the best chicken nuggets with lemon sauce. I’ve tried restaurants from all around my (small) country, and when it comes to those specific dishes, my favorites are still unmatched.

Unless you’re one lucky person and your favorites are the ones you mentioned and you always have a great time…

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