1273 Don’t.

If anyone feels like shipping these two feel free.

This is kind of out of nowhere, but does anyone reading this have a Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, controller for the PS3 they’d be willing to sell to me? I could just go to ebay, but I thought I’d ask here first. It’s not for me, I actually hate those games, but I bought a stack of them for the Teen since she loves them. Of course you can’t get them in stores anymore so… Here we are. I couldn’t even get a PS3 a/v cable at a game store today either, but I guess that’s a whole other thing… Anyway, I haven’t checked around yet, but I assume that everyone is sick of those games, so maybe one of you will take pity on me. I’ll pay for shipping too, obviously. As far as I know I only need the one because I don’t intend to ever play those games. I seem to recall some of the games had other instruments you could play too. Maybe one of you could clue me in on that. The games themselves were $2 or so a shot, so pretty much anything under $40 is still a win overall for me. I like her to have as many things to keep her occupied and happy as possible. Apparently she played the old games with one of her brother’s old girlfriends. I think she had a singing game too. It had a mic that could tell if you were singing properly? I’ll probably try to find that too. If I can verify that I won’t be able to hear her from my room that is…

School starts on Wednesday. I’m not sure how I feel about that. School seems to require a lot more of my time than my school did for my parents. Maybe I was just better at ignoring my school. This little one horse school demands a lot of participation that I tend not to agree with. At any rate it’s starting and I have to deal with it regardless. I’ll be happy enough if this year doesn’t begin with a series of breakdowns the way last year did. Last year was more of an unknown than this year so maybe the Teen will get along okay.

I still have a list of things I need to do, including things from days ago, but this getting ready for school thing has really taken a bite out of my time. Today was, I expect, the last of it. She’s as ready as she can get. If you follow my tweets at all then what you saw today was the result of our trip to Wal-Mart an hour or so away. They tend to have better things than our local one, on average. This excludes Transformers which, for reasons unknown to me, they seem to actively shun. Maybe it was the debacle that was Transformers 3. They had toys from that disaster right up until the ones from 4 started showing up.

We hung out with the Teen’s brother yesterday. He was pretty pleased that I had managed to fix the old PS3 and told me to keep the slightly worn controllers he sent with me to fix. We went out to eat then bought Apples to Apples, which we proceeded to play for several hours. It was fairly brutal as our family tends to have a pretty mean sense of humor. We go from laughing to hurt feeling over and over during the course of any gathering. Maybe it’s like that for every family, I don’t know. Outsiders have always told me that my family was really mean though. I guess it makes it harder for me to judge that sort of thing.


And by “ship” I assume you mean the following: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/641/906/ade.png

I’m going to use that link…somehow.

I got really excited about the blog post as I’ve been meaning to get rid of a drum controller for Rockband 2, but unfortunately it’s for the Xbox 360, so, unfortunately, I am of no use here.

I do have two mics though.

Are they compatible with a ps3?

The microphones are compatible with any system, so long as they’re USB mics. I have some labeled X-Box 360 that work with my Wii no problem.

Any usb microphone will work with the games actually, you can even use a headset if you wanted to. It’s just the official rock band/guitar hero ones were designed for those games.

If that’s what Apples to Apples does to your family, then don’t play Cards Against Humanity.

Yeah, that’ll be the end of you all.

If we keep getting more shipping choices, Between Failures and Dumbing of Age will have to have a ship-off to see who’s King of the Ships. Might even be a three way contest if
Gunnerkrigg keeps doing the same.

Oh btw LOVED your version of Amazi-Girl you did for Walky a while back!

Hey, thanks. I’ve been reading Willis’s stuff for a long time, he’s one of the artists that made me think I had a shot at doing something in cartoons. I don’t know if he really enjoys the fanart I do, but I’m a genuine reader.

As far as I know, Willis loves fanart. I even changed some details in a picture about Charlie Brown Christmas special to look like his characters. He thought it was great and that I must have been psychic in order to know about his love for Peanuts cartoons.

RWBY is king of ships. Literally everyone is shipped with everyone. Hell there is rubyxyang [enabler] and they’re sisters, then there’s ruby [age 15] and ozpin [age… old] I don’t know the ship name. Iceberg, white christmas, white rose, team sloth, bumblebee, arkos, monochrome, black rose, nuts and dolts, PINK!, black sun, … and that’s just off the top of my head. RWBY wins any ship off. Always.

And I’m just a happy little multishipper over here like “yes, my pretties, more sexual tension and smooches, bwahaha!”

Can’t help w/ the guitar, I have wii and 360 versions. On the other issues, ps2 av cables or even ps1 cables will work on the ps3, so no need to hunt if you have old ones around. Also any usb mic should do the trick.

You could also try to find a local freecycle group and see if anyone on it has a set they don’t need anymore. The people who frequent such places loving finding loving homes for unused things. Being often on the poor side of the world, it is part of the ways we’ve found to get things, and given lots as well.

Speaking of Twitter. First, the birthday you put for Brooksie is the same as mine, yay. Second, the spider you asked about looked like a wolf spider.

Regarding the ps3 plastic ukuleles you might try second hand media stores if you have any near you. I saw several in bargain bins for cheep as free.

Aw, man. I just donated all my fake guitars to a gaming orchestra recently. I totally had a ps3 one in there.

I have an entire Rock Band set up: drums, mic, guitar, sitting in the trunk of my car for like the past year. My friend gave it to me when she switched consoles but I’ve never had the opportunity to use the stuff.

Comic 735 is also titled “Don’t”. Unless those aren’t titles, but then I don’t know what they are.
I bet John is ridiculously photogenic.

” I seem to recall some of the games had other instruments you could play too. Maybe one of you could clue me in on that.”

Guitar Hero 1 2 & 3 were guitar only along with any of the individual bands released during that time period, not sure on what was released for those as I was not interested in them.

Rock Band came out at this time and introduced drums and a microphone. The drums were prone to breaking because people hit them to hard.

Guitar Hero World Tour (4) came out next and improved on the design for the drums

At this point it gets kind of hazy because i ceased working for the major electronics retailer.

Rock Band 2 and Guitar hero 5 i think introduced a mini keyboard and I think this is where they started with the fancy guitars. Had miniature section of strings that you actually had to pluck rather than the toggle.

There was also various singing exclusive games, karaoke revolution i think, and the mikes for all of them were interchangeable. If you have a Half Price Books anywhere near you, you might go dumpster diving for these controllers.

I stopped by where my nephew was doing some odd jobs for a lady, and we interacted like usual. My nephew informed me later that she asked if we always fought like that. Uhh…we were just having a conversation.

personally, id get rocksmith, you learn to play songs on an actual guitar, it comes with a hookup for an electric guitar to plug into the ps3 and it actually does teach you how to play the various songs, as well as has helpful tools for those that want to learn to actually play

I use rocksmith mainly for tuning and a surrogate amplifier that I can hook to headphones top practice since I live in an apartment. For the 360 though, don’t have a pee ess triple.

You son of a bitch. You make them kiss, right now! It’s the ship you ever needed. That I ever needed, at any rate, you cock tease.

Good job, day 3 of grinding through.

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