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There’s a storm a brewin’ outside. Hopefully it’ll pass about the time I want to take the Teen out to dinner. It looks like it will, but you never know. I’m not much for driving in anything harder than a drizzle.
I told the teen to plug in anything she needed charged because the power grid is so shit here you never know when a very minor thing will knock the power out for hours. Since she’s deathly terrified of the dark it’s good to have things ready to make light and entertainment.

I’ve nearly overtaken the Toonami showing of One Piece in the manga. I just got to the start of Water 7, which introduces my favorite character a little before the end, I assume. Sogeking! Technically he’s not another character, he’s an alter ego Usopp comes up with so he can help the crew after having a big fight with Luffy. It’s probably the funniest part of the anime and the manga. At least to my knowledge. I’ll try to explain to you exactly why I love Sniper King so much.

He has a theme song for starters. It’s a parody of old Japanese super hero themes and the various versions reference a lot of stuff you see in Japanese shows and movies. Stuff that even non-Japanese people will recognize as things that always happen. Also, Luffy and Chopper are either too stupid, or na├»ve to realize it’s Usopp while everyone else realizes it basically as soon as they see him. The fact that his costume is little more than a mask and a sheet AND includes Usopp’s everyday clothes flies right over their heads.

The absolutely best scene Sogeking is in though is when he’s planning how to save Robin with Sanji and Franky, but he keeps trying to get them to ask questions about his backstory. They just keep ignoring him, so he just slides in little factoids as they keep talking. He want them to care SO MUCH and they just don’t. Of course once he talks to Chopper and Luffy he finally gets to tell them that Sniper Island, where he is from, exists in their hearts; which they are totally dazzled by.

I already have a figure of Usopp, but I’d like to get one of him as Sogeking too. I don’t know if he ever dresses up as him after the timeskip though. The line of figures I like may have passed him over already.


John clearly hasn’t read Thomas’ thesis paper on the subject or noticed his multiple advanced technology degrees.

Just out of curiosity how do transformers reproduce?

Depends on the series, but generally a proto form is created then a spark is added by way of the matrix of leadership, vector sigma, or transfer from another body.

Wait, does that mean Optimus Prime is a Queen in one continuity?

What do you mean by queen?

Guessing in the Ant or Bee sense as the only member of those societies capable of reproduction(egg laying) with all the others being essentially Drones.

And yes, yes they would be exactly that.

In the original Transformers comic books, didn’t a human have the spark put in him briefly while all of the Autobots and Decepticons were torn to bits and basically dead?

Well, Ratchet and Megatron were still alive. That would have been a pretty one-sided fight, if they had decided to come to that.

I have a vague memory of Buster having the Matrix in his head at one point. They were never really clear about what the Matrix actually was physically. I seem to remember it being more metaphysical in the books at that time.

I *just* got a figurine of sogeking in the mail two weeks ago, so you’re not too late!

… Sogeki no shima de… imareta ore wa…

The figurine is gloooorious : 3
(… except he’s bigger than my luffy/law/sanji/zoro x__x oops)

What series is it? One piece styling?

The POP/Portraits of pirates series. Though I think I there’s a banpresto version around, as well as a figuarts one (my figuarts luffy looks pretty decent). There’s also a Thriller Bark Sogeking floating around but it looks cheap/kinda scary :T

I would love to have something like that for my desk at work. I would look at it ever so often and exclaim, “LOCK ON!” So everyone will like at me strangely for a moment.

Maybe more than a moment, and are you assuming that they don’t already? Uhhh…hate to be the one to break it to ya….. If you don’t get funny looks at work pretty regularly already…you might be in the wrong place. Just sayin…..

John is about to enter the rabbit hole.

I have a friend like that, the “Hey, what do you know about X?” and they can USUALLY give me at least some info, or a good place to start looking.

Another friend like that I have….Google. ;)

If I expect heavy weather to come in I sometimes unplug everything. If power going out and losing lights is that big of a deal, I suggest buying a large deep cycle battery, an inverter, and a maintainer. Some inverters have a large current draw even when off so a battery disconnect would be a good idea. When using an inverter for a power outage, it is better to use CFL or LED light bulbs than incandescent because they use a lot less power. I have a small apartment so it doesnt take much but between the two 90A batteries i was given i can keep my lights and small devices going for about a week, if not longer.

In the second panel there, you missed the ‘e’ in something. Why do you assume I know somthing about them it reads.

I don’t know what this says about me wanting to comment for my first time here, but Sogeking was one of my absolute favorite parts of One Piece. And I really do like One Piece. I don’t know how far you are with the manga, as I don’t read it, but I just wanted to assure you that in the show Usopp’s antics and awesomeness are far from over.

As an aside, I also wanted to say that your comic has filled the void of my favorite webcomic since my old standby ended a couple years back. I love your work, I’m always excited to read it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, and I look forward to reading for however many more years to come : )

This can either be a can of worms or surprisingly educational. Either way it’s going to be funny.

Hmm, let see, read One Piece via online and somewhere nearing the end of the second arc after the time skip. So far Sogeking hasn’t made an appearance. Haven’t really been watching it on Toonami since the start of the Water 7 arc and been wondering how Sogeking would be like. Might have to catch up or something.

Well, Transformer anything is a mess of 30+ years of conflicting lore. Rule #1 of Transformers has always been to sell toys. You pretty much have to retcon your understanding every few years. The Marvel UK comic did a pretty good job of staying consistent and I am enjoying the current IDW stuff, especially since they started releasing them in huge hardcover tomes.

Woe betide you if you start looking into the Japanese stuff though.

Transformers started as a line of robot toys, with tiny human pilots in them. Then they dropped the humans, added a the cartoons as a long form of targeted advertisments. Later the whole line was picked up by a US distributor and started selling it in the west. Sadly many earlier robots, like the transformer trains (modelled after famous japanese trains from the 1960-ies) were dropped in the process.

The same happened with the pokemons, many people don’t know that they started as a simple game on the original nintendo gameboy and the cartoon was just a marketing add on. In fact, most japanese toy lines have a marketing cartoon added and the same strategy is being followed now by lego, who now makes cartoon series for most of its main themes. The downside is that there are not many cartoons that aren’t made around toy lines. Even after the original Toy Story, people started looking for the (then fictitious) toys that were present in the film.

For furries, i could say anything past a playboy bunny is not my cup of tea…

My older brother actually saved up and got a Transformers-themed train set back in the day. He also got Scorponok this way.

Or was the train set a Christmas present? Hmm… My memory fails me.

Oh, the wind carries my name
from Sniper Island far away.
When I take aim, it is straight and true,
lu lu la la lu.
Whether you’re a man or a mouse:
Lock on!
I will put your heart in my sights,
No one knows what secrets hide
behind this mask and my cape.
Lu lu lu lu lu la la!
There is no escape!
(sniper king sniper pa pa)
Sniper King aims true!

I may have said this before, but I will say it again: Kudos on making your furries more than a punchline. I’m not one myself, really, but I have lots of friends who are, and it gets old knowing that they are even more a punchline than my own trans ass. ><

I am a furry, and if you want to know more about furries, please check out the book that the International Anthropomorphic Research Project has produced, Fur Science, which can be found here http://furscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Furscience-Furbook-First-5.pdf or for those who prefer not to read, our very own furry scientist, Dr. Courtney “Nuka” Plante gave an hour presentation on this at Texas Furry Fiesta 2017, which you can watch here https://youtu.be/QxQbLkh7iW0

As a member of the furry community since ’99, even I learned a lot about furries from this

“Legitimate science”, not weird stuff… sure thing, Thomas, keep telling yourself that :)

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