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If this is the only line I write her before the comic posts, I’m somewhere helping the Teen work on the first Phoenix Wright game.

This is one of those pages that is really just a continuation of the page before it. I stand by my choice and hope it flows well and is enjoyable in future read-throughs. I think it will be. We’ll be coming back to this adventure after some hot Thomas and John action. So if you like wheat stubble you’re in for a treat.

Today was not the productive day I’d hoped it would be. I dunno what my problem has been but my hands are just off. I’m about a page and a half into next week, but I was hoping to claw a little further ahead. I’ve been Letting the Teen talk me into Call Of Duty. Firstly because of the new map that’s fun to play and secondly because school will be in soon and she’s sad. I can empathize since I hated school so much. Especially the first few days to a week or so. There was always some fresh hell waiting to unleash itself. Anyway, maybe tomorrow will be better.

The patreon campaign(?) reached $400, so as soon as the payment clears each month from now on I’ll have a new chapter of The Adventures Of Julius Drywood ready. I’m not going to say it’s a done deal yet because Patreon has a weird way of declaring things complete before payment is received, which is insane. Also the bulk of that amount is from a single person and I can’t conceive of someone donating $100 every month. I can barely believe it for a single month. There’s also the matter of feeling like I need to do something special for that person, so I’ll be contacting them at some point to set that up. I’m willing to accept it if they don’t want anything special, but I hate just taking payments for large sums without at least talking to the person making them. Anyway, the long and short of all of this is that this is a tentative victory announcement for those of you who actually enjoy the extra stories.

Back to the subject of the Phoenix Wright game… I’ve tried to get her to play it before, but the Teen was very much lacking in patience for the whole affair. Over the last year or so she’s gotten better about quickly tiring of tasks that require thought. She’s been playing a few dating sims, for lack of a better term, that are little more than text based romance adventures. They were kind of the gateway into the slightly deeper world of the turnabout attorney. Who knows, maybe she’ll work her way up to Professor Layton. If she did she would have exceeded me, because I can’t tolerate those games. I recognize the quality, and understand why people enjoy them, but the bore me endlessly. In all honesty Phoenix Wright games aren’t much better on that front. They get tedious. I liked playing through, but only once. Replay value is nearly zero on those for me. On top of that, I never got past 2 or so. Just couldn’t commit to them emotionally. Not with all the Fire Emblems and whatnot just laying around, waiting to be played awesomely.

I recently completed all the street pass challenges for Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Perhaps not the most epic of successes, but still… It’s a thing I did. It’s kind of surprising that I was able to street pass enough times to actually do all the things. Luckily if you have an upgraded weapon it counts a challenge completed with it as a completion for both versions of the item. Basically that means you get a two for one if you have the weapon upgrade for a challenge. That significantly reduces the number of challenges. The two hardest challenges? Kill an opponent with a golden bee and win without taking a step. The first because you can kill the bee in one hit AND if they have the bee medal the bee wont even attack. The second because the damn thing isn’t very clear about what counts as taking a step. I eventually ended up doing it by accident after trying and giving up several times.
What do you get for completing these challenges you ask? Not a fucking thing. They’re just a thing you can do, and I did them.

Sorry for not getting back to all of the nice comments from the other day. Eventually I have to cut myself off and get things done. I appreciate all the kind words and computer advice. As far as I can tell the system is totally clean now. Hopefully the new anti malware stuff will help keep things safer.


Yeah, the only thing you get is a nod from a link to the past. No in game benefit. That said you should really give trials and tribulations (third Phoenix Wright game) a try. It wraps up a lot of stories since the first. I also realise me saying this is because I was way more invested in the story than you were. Also I absolutely adore Francesca VonKarma.

Looking forward to reading more Adventures. I just like to imagine all your characters at a table getting way too into a RPG.

Do yourself a favour, then, J.T.

Never, EVER get into Warhammer 40,000 – you’ll cry because of the painting alone, never mind the exceeding amount of rules you need to keep track of chapter-and-verse to ensure you’re using the rules for your army correctly.

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