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I’m almost over my cold. It’s down to just clogging my throat at this point, but I can’t quite manage coughing anything up because it’s not substantive enough. It’s just like a coating that’s making it harder to breathe, but can’t be shifted. It makes it hard to sleep because when I use my cpap it feels like I’m not getting nearly enough air, but if I don’t use it I can’t go all the way to sleep. The problem is that it makes my sleep time shift from being up in the day to sleeping in the day as I lose more and more effective waking time.
When it’s just me at home there’s no particular reason to get up at any specific time because I don’t go anywhere and I can do all my stuff any time I’m awake. Which also adds to my time shifting. I’ll stay up a little later every night just to do one more thing… Even though I know better. With this page I redrew Reggie’s heads twice because I fucked them all up yesterday. If I had just gone to bed I would probably have only done it right the first time.

Anyway, with a little luck maybe I’ll go back too feeling better like I was for a few days there.


Sort of like the grilling my sister gave me, the first time I went out with a girl who was younger than she was (she’s 3-1/2 years my junior).

The woman I’m seeing now is like 24 years younger than my sister is — and she couldn’t care less. Times change.

Their expressions and dynamic are great!
(I’m curious how much of this draws on how you and your sister have interacted?)

I want to whisper in Victoria’s ear that while she deserves to enjoy this, she’ll be happier in the long run if she doesn’t go too far in exploiting this delicious opportunity.

Not sure if it’ll mess with your other meds, but see about getting some prednisone. Just a short supply maybe a few days, I only got a 9 day supply and that was with me taking 3 pills once a day for 3 days, 2 pills once a day for 3 days, then one pill a day for the last 3 days. Helped with a cough I had for over two weeks, and was prescribed it when I went to a doctor finally, because it felt like my lungs were filling with mucus.

Just a bit of advice, but as always talk to your doc about taking some new meds before doing so.

I do think she’s being unfair. Reggie has many faults but I can’t think of any examples of him lying.

I was about to write just that. He may be a bit of an ass, but he appears to take considerable pride in honesty. At least from his own perspective, which is of course at times a bit warped.

She’s probably noticed that, as he just confessed, he says offensive things about people he doesn’t like and wants to hurt that he either doesn’t really mean, or doesn’t actually care about.

Then it’s easy to extrapolate that to “untrustworthy”, because even if reggie is scrupulously honest from his own point of view, he’s also prone to having a different opinion of reality to the rest of people as well.

I think between the two of those factors, it’s easy to think that it’s only the unconcious reactions that you can trust.

The post-cold lingering throat-clogging always feels much worse than the cold itself, to me. Dealing with it right now, as it happens. What helps a bit is acetylcysteine. It’s available cheap over-the-counter here, in the form of effervescent tablets (600mg, 1/day).

God I like reggie being genuine but I really don’t want him to end up with alex

I think Reggie is the one who has to worry. He’s vicious, but her armor of self-confidence is going to make it impossible for him to win anything.

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