1454 Fodder.

When there are orcs at the gate, build more gate.

I somehow managed to miss the splatfest. It was totally lame.

I haven’t been doing anything apart from cleaning and drawing. So I don’t have much to say. The new part of Julius Derwood and The Riddle Of Stone is up on patreon if you’re in to that.


Behind that smile hides a deceptively cunning mind.

I just don’t associate cunning with mike, but who knows, maybe hes actually the CEO and has just been goofing and playing around with this crew as only a whimsical billionaire can do and hes just been playing them all.

…but hes probably just mike.

I love that analogy about when orcs at gate build more gate.

Didn’t quite work at either Helm’s Deep or Mina’s Tirith, but then again those guys didn’t really have a whole lot of time to prepare.

They DID have a lot of time to prepare, but most of that time was intentionally wasted by a mind-controlled Theoden, and a Denethor driven to the depths of despair by looking into a palantir one too many times. And technically speaking, Sauron was behind both of those, so let’s chalk both those up to intentional sabotage.

Is this Carol’s influence, or has he been pulling a Brutus and all this time been using obfuscating foolishness? And will we ever know?

Hi, new reader here. Actually got linked over from Questionable Content (which this comic reminds me of, though it definitely has its own voice) a while ago, but I somehow lost the link before I had a chance to archive dive. A little while ago I happened to idly click on one of those Hiveworks lists, hopped around a few comics randomly, liked what I saw, and scheduled it for a binge read. This weekend I finally had time for that, and I’m glad I did. Also glad I had the house for myself, because I laughed out loud often enough. So, anyway, keep up the good work. I’ll be sure to add my patronage as well, because every bit helps towards the 5 comics / week goal that I think we’d all enjoy.

^Pretty much the same story for a lot of us. Between Failures is a real gem though, I actually prefer it over QC lately. (Except Hanners. Love to see Hanners) This whole crew and the story they have is just so engaging, not hit and miss where some characters you don’t care about. (well, I guess some didn’t care for the John/Alex/Reggie arc, but I really enjoyed that a lot)

Eh, you didn’t miss much with the Splatfest, second verse same as the first: Everyone jumped in ninjas, except for the good players who chose Callie. 72% Popularity couldn’t hold up to 51%-wins-times-6.

I think Mike is more aware than he’s given credit for. I suspect he has a very good sense of how this little corner of the world works.

He just plays the baffoon to avoid getting pulled into everything.

Or perhaps so that when it comes time to actually do something, it has more weight. Easier to impress people when you lower the bar enough.

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