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These two are making up the rules as they go. Or maybe they aren’t following any rules at all. XD It’ll all end in tears, mark my words.

I made a musical course on Mario Maker. It plays the tune from the sound stone, but I had to do 50% of it by ear since I don’t read music and no one had the little letter key that I partially understand. It’s not perfect, but for a first attempt it’s not the worst. Only 5 people played it so far, and only 2 of them gave it a star, which is lame. I’ve had a few designs on Happy Home designer that only got one… unit of measure too. On some of my best ones in my opinion. Very disappointing.

4110-0000-00D3-127E is the music level if you want to try it. I think you can follow people too, but I don’t know how without looking. My best actual level is called Mind The Clocks. I don’t have the number for it but I was really proud of it. You have to solve puzzles to get through and the end branches to a hard path and a easy one if you can figure out how to do it.

Oh, wait. I do have the number for it. 3B86-0000-00B8-C935

My other levels were mostly testing things out until I got all the elements unlocked. They are on a timer so you have to wait no matter what. Its also a bit disappointing that amiibos only unlock 8-bit costumes. They could have stuck the smash sprites in for some in the wiiu skin…

I really think the Amiibo should unlock character gear in Splatoon. They could be just like other clothing, but have a theme for whatever amiibo you use. Basically just a resin like with the deco weapons. I’d even take themed guns, just so I could have a mega buster looking luna blaster. I need to email this to someone…


You make me wish I had a wii. But, I dont.

300 dollars well spent.

Having just picked up a Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack (My wallet hurts), I agree with the sentiment that Amiibo should have more cross-title functionality. I would be ecstatic if my 3-pack gave me costumes/stages in Sm4sh, and likewise if my Sm4sh Amiibo gave me gear/weapons in Splatoon, etc. I am fairly impressed with the amount of content crammed into the 3-pack as it is (it takes several hours to power through all the challenges on even a single Amiibo, much less all three). Hell, add in some additional challenges for other figures (even if its just more stages for the crappy 2-player mode or whatever) or something.

I guess its too much to hope that Sakurai will answer my pleas and put Inklings in Sm4sh (even though they’d be PERFECT for so many reasons, one of which is publicity for the IP and attracting some Splatoon fans who might not otherwise play Sm4sh).

Hey Jackie, I just got to ask, being that her private life is semi-ruled by movies, did Brooksie do anything special (perhaps off-screen?) for “Back to the Future” day?

I know that Jess would definitely screw it up if she set her sights exclusively on Thomas, especially when she only offered him the orgy invitation. Making matters worse is the fact that Thomas has no sway over Carol…unless you count getting hard in front of her. So there wouldn’t be any conceivable route to persuading her through him.

On the other hand, if Jess and Jo were to focus on the couple in tandem–the former on Thomas and the latter on Carol–then there may just be hope for the fantasy. However, this would mean that Brooksie will have to bring her A-game to seducing Carol…

Are you interested in playing some fan created levels for Mario Maker? I have a few that I like to have other people play. All of mine tend to be gimmick based, as in I create a level around an idea. If you feel like giving them a try I’ll post some codes.

Go for it. I like well designed levels.

Take Me for a Ride: 65BF-0000-007F-B0AE A simple level about riding on top of enemies.
A Maze? Zing!: 4AC8-0000-0080-333A Plenty of dead ends and alternate paths.
Where’s the Track Trilogy:
A trilogy of what I consider my signature gimmick, hidden blocks on a track.

Hey! It just struck me: Jolene is sleeping with her Producer, and has a little bit (– just a little bit, mind you! –) of the sexual predator thing going on.

She should fit in well in Hollywood.

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