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Sorry guys, I got confused about the days and forgot to write anything. I’ll put a little something down when my shower is done, okay?

I’m thinking about reading One Punch Man. I need more comics, or something in my life. Naruto is over, which is fine. I’m glad it ended before it got so tedious I couldn’t stand it. Maybe I should go ahead and finish out Bleach. It has to be close to finishing if it hasn’t already, right? It was seeming like they were retreading a lot of ground when I stopped reading it. I’ll have to check it out and see. I’m reading Shokugeki No Soma, but haven’t gotten the new download. I’m still just a little bit ahead of the anime on that one. I’d like to finish out Inu Yasha but viz lost the publishing rights for the collected volumes, which is total bullshit because I bought half of them as downloads and can’t finish the set. I’ve kept up to date with Vinland Saga, which has been very good for a series I started because the first two books were on deep sale. I dunno, I need to see what’s out there again instead of just focusing on drawing all the time. Within reason anyway since I have to keep up still.

Tomorrow is a Splatfest I think. It’s funny that they made it happen right on Halloween. Of course that doesn’t matter to me because Halloween is basically nothing out here. Might just as well play Splatoon as anything else. I should be able to squeeze in enough time to top rank. Last time I never lost a match. It was the longest winning streak with the same 4 guys I’ve ever had. So I got the top rank as fast as it is possible to do. If it goes like that again I won’t have to mess with it very long. I’ll also end up with a lot of shells to potentially upgrade my gear.

Supposedly there was going to be an update where you could play as the Octolings this month, but it never materialized. I think I read it on an official Nintendo account so maybe it’s coming on Halloween. That would be pretty cool. For the record, I chose Ninjas as my team because they are better than pirates objectively.

Anyway, stay safe if you do something for Halloween. Keep an eye out for other people too.


I’m not going to say that I refreshed this page about a minute after midnight to try to see the new comic, but that might have happened. :D

my suggestion if you dont need a heavy show but still interesting: the rolling girls.
it has action but is directed like a slice of life.
but if action is your calling One punch man is it. Bleach was and will forever be the worst of the shonen offerings in mainstream manga and anime. Its such a waste of potential.

I know I don’t post much, and when I do, the value is probably close to nil. I have yet to get any replies from people.

But –

If you like action manga, try Seven Deadly Sins. It updated pretty regularly, and now that they are printing it in English, it’s even easier to get.

Assassination Classroom and Deadman Wonderland are also good. Although Deadman Wonderland can be extremely gory and Assassination Classroom can be goofy. But both have great stories and awesome action stuff.

The only other thing I can suggest if you can tolerate the young woman protagonists of manga (I know guys who just can’t get into manga centered around female protagonists) is My Certain Scientific Railgun. That has a very Akira feel to it as well.

It’s just my taste: I like it when the characters’ pupils are fatter + more circular, rather than when they have thinner, + more oval-shaped pupils.

Maybe I just like people more, when they are more round + more circular? **shrugs**

Try a book series. I suggest any of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Tons of books and filled with humor, fantasy, great observations and turns of phrase, oh and more humor. You have to love a series where the grim reaper gets tired of his job so he retires to be a farmer then get into a harvesting match against a new fangled steam powered harvest machine.

If you want action and comedy with serious bits, try Rune Soldier. It’s a Sword World series (Record of the Lodoss War is the only other Sword World one I can think of off hand).

I just want to say Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, its on Netflix, though its better off other sites, they edited out a few scenes and changed the dialog

In terms of manga for you Crave, can I recommend two? they are kinda older now and the art/titles might throw you off, but I highly recommend them. I don’t think I have met anyone that actually read them that’s disliked them.

The first is called Liar game:
Wishing she would live up to the ideal, Kanzaki Nao’s father named her thusly for “honesty.” Nao has more than lived up to her father’s wishes—even exceeding them and earning the label of “a foolishly honest girl.” This makes Nao the least qualified candidate for the high stakes “Liar Game,” where winning requires deceiving the opponent out of their money and losing means receiving massive debt; however, that doesn’t stop a box containing a hundred million yen in cash and a card informing her of her participation in the game from arriving at her doorstep, nor does it stop her from being promptly tricked out of the entire sum of money. Upon hearing that a genius swindler, responsible for the bankruptcy of a major corporation, is being released from jail, Nao goes to the swindler, Shinichi Akiyama, to enlist his help. With that, the two are drawn into the dark, greed-filled, and deceptive world of the Liar Game.

The second is called Hoshi no Samidare/Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer (weird title, but don’t let that scare you off):
The world is in mortal peril. Sir Noi Crezant, the Lizard Knight, has been sent to gain the aid of the great warrior Amamiya Yuuhi in hopes of finding the Princess Samidare and protecting the planet from the incredible “Biscuit Hammer” poised to crack the Earth in two. Unfortunately Yuuhi wants no part of it, and the Princess doesn’t prove to be the shining “hero of justice” role model that Noi had hoped for.

…Sadly the description for Hoshi is also weird, and the art is a bit off too in the beginning T_T Honestly though, by the 4th chapter it really ropes you in and it only gets better and better. A really amazing story.

Best thing: Both works are complete, so you don’t have to wait. Read or take your time at your leisure.

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