2573 Many Kinds Of White People.

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It’s quite common these days to sort of lump people all into one color category rather than look at the many types of humans who have, historically, not liked each other very much. Reductive thinking is just something humans are prone to unfortunately. At the moment there’s a sort of over arching desire for ease of grievance. Getting into the weeds of nationality, culture, genetics, and whatever else really slows down the path to getting whatever you want out of whatever group you want to get it out of. As I have been looking back over my own genetic inheritance this sort of thing has become more apparent to me. The one thing that holds true across all humans is that if you set two opposing groups in an area there will always be a few who are like “What if, instead of killing them, we had sex with them?” I think these horny people are the ones who do the most to advance humanity in general. The desire to build bridges between each other with our genitals will save humanity in the end.

If you would like to make sure I can continue to bring you such amazing insights as those above please use the links at the top of the post to support my work. Our bridge will be economic rather than sexual… but let’ not rule out the sexual either, baby.


I feel like the whole color thing tends to go to two extremes: you either lump everyone of a similar skin color together or you are so extremely self-conscious of having a faux pa that you hyper-scrutinize your every interaction with others.

…I sometimes feel like being autistic might in fact be the best thing to happen to me in that regard, as I’m practically incapable of judging people by physical features and can only judge people by how they act in front of me.

Yeah, it’s funny how broad the strokes are. I’ve seen people try to say Arabs, Indians, even Yamato Japanese people, are all “white”, purely to say that they are therefore on the other side from BIPOC. It’s like, it’s not even about race or ethnicity, it is literally about how dark your skin is–get enough of a tan, and you switch teams, apparently.

That’s why I only go out at night. Too much sunlight and I might not have my white privilege anymore. I LIKE playing life on easy mode!

Yeah. The reason why Europeans don’t understand the whole racism-based-on-colour, is that we for generations have used nationality and language to divide people we dislike. Danes and Swedes have been at war so many times, (we only stopped about 120 years ago) that even though we look like each other, we still have many friendly disagreements and will take great offense if you say we are the same.

It’s not just us; see what happens if you call a group of Japanese people “Chinese.” And in Africa, look at the Hutus and the Tutsis. Arabs and Persians don’t care to be mixed up. Really, the only people doing it based solely on color are people in melting pot countries who usually don’t know much about all the very fine distinctions we used to war over.

The Dutch aren’t too fond of such conflation either.
I’m not entirely sure WHY they get mixed up with the Danes but it was rather amusing all the same while I was in the region.

“…Our bridge will be economic rather than sexual… but let’ not rule out the sexual either, baby.”


Why…Jackie! This is so sudden! :D

I’d be curious to see how much whites/caucasians get lumped together in european dynamics. I feel like it might be a trend just in north america as a result of the melting pot that all the european settlers ended up mixed together as

like even when I think about my distaste for the brits, it’s more based on the whole colonialism thing (from the context of one of their “extant colonies”) and less to do with me having some irish and scottish genetics in my blood

“Distaste for the brits”- yeah, because the everyday normal “Brit” has anything to do with colonialism. Most people’s ancestors even at the time of the British Empire were farmhands, shopkeepers, and builders, not masters of empire or even cogs in that machine. This is a pretty woefully immature and ignorant view you hold. It’s about as asinine as despising the entire Japanese race for Pearl Harbour.

Oh, and- it’s not even slightly rare AT ALL for “Brits” to also have Irish and Scottish antecedents, so… not sure what the fuck you were even trying to make out of that.

I remember watching a documentary of the ancient history of Russia and Mongolia.

An anthropologist who was describing the interactions of these cultures said; “When two cultures meet, two of three things happen; They fight, they trade, and they ‘breed’. Either of the first two are optional, the third almost always happens.”

Cultural grievances is not the only thing there is a lot of between those three!
Great comic as always, I always look forward checking in on Thomas and the crew.

At my last family reunion I attended there were people of every possible colour, and every possible ethnic and religious background. I come from people who will have sex with anyone regardless of race creed colour or gender. The other thing that stands out in my family is that almost everyone is a musician or singer. Cheers ~ulrich

I frequently joke, because of my mixed ancestry of Czech, German, English, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish, that I’m deeply ashamed of what my people did to my other people!

Heh, heh. Yeah.
I knew I guy named Darren, I think.

He used to say: “I’m part German + part French.
“Well, WWI happened. So I guess I should go outside…and beat myself up.” :D

My understanding is the current generations of Danes adore the Germans. Their tourists coming to visit Danish beaches are a major industry by themselves.

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