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This page is so self indulgent, even in light of the incredible self indulgence of the comic as a whole. I was thinking of Norm MacDonald and wanted to steal this joke of his because it’s such a specific kind of joke that only a very specific kind of person can enjoy, and I’m one of them. I’m not going to explain it. You get it, or you don’t. That’s not a judgement. People are different and find a variety of things funny, or not, according to a range of factors.

Ever since I’ve been listening to ThatOneComicGuy read my comic aloud I have come to understand exactly how much this entire work is an expression of my self. Every aspect is tailored to my tastes and I am enthralled by it. I love this thing that I have made. I’ve always worried that if I ever went back and read it all the way through I might be disapointed, or annoyed, or whatever, but I’m not. These characters and their story are a joy to me. I can only pray to whatever power controls the universe that I will be able to tell the entire story the way I want to. That is a choice I only have limited power to control. You should know, however, that if I ever fall over dead unexpectedly, that telling this tale was a gift I’m not sure I’m worthy of. perhaps that’s why other aspects of my life are not so wonderful. I have used up all my luck, or karma, or whatever, on being able to do this.
If you’re here reading this, then I thank you for helping me be able to.

Anyway, if you want to help in a monetary sense the links above will facilitate that. I hope you have a pleasant weekend, and we can meet here, healthy and happy, on Monday.


As a German I’d just say: “Schau ma moi, dann sehng mas scho…”

The closest copy that I can find is:

“Look at me, and you will see it…(or me)”, or ” Look at us, and you see us.”

Is that what this phrase is, in English?

“We will see, when we will see” (aka We will know, when we have taken a look at it/we cross that bridge when we get to it)

Cool. I’ve never seen that before.
Thanks! :D

It was a phrase often used by German soccer player Franz Beckenbauer (later coach of the German soccer team which won the world cup in 1990). Actually it is Bavarian-German and M was quite right with his/her translation. I would say: “Let us take a look, then we will see…” – it doesn’t make much sense in German too, but we use it, because it confuses other people(s).

This isn’t really related to this topic, but this discussion reminded me of, what I think is, a very traditional, Chinese saying:

“If your enemy wrongs you, give each of his children a drum”.


*Said in an Albert Einstein-like accent*

…Start a thermonuclear war???
…And get radiation on my [strudel]?
Nein, nein, nein, nein!

(I’ve been told that I have some German ancestry, if that’s either here or there.)

Long time reader, first time commenter. I know it’s a non sequitur, but I think it’s worthy of mention that the first panel is three women, all with unconventional body types, all thoroughly different as characters, existing in a way that doesn’t call attention to any of that. And nor does the rest of the comic.

I realise that by me calling attention to it I’m being a bit of a hypocrite in what I’m about to say, but I love that this comic and you as a writer, Jackie, do such a good job of simultaneously having greater and better “representation” than most things that scream from the rooftops how much they have _and_ calling precisely zero attention to any of it in a way that contrasts with many other things.

Anyway. Good job. Great job. Great comic. Alexandria remains a badass without compare.

I take it you don’t live in America, where this body type is arguably the most common body type there is.

I believe that was more intended as ‘unconventionally attractive’ rather than ‘uncommon’. OP, correct me if I’m wrong though.

Most web comics just have one model for all the female characters. You can only tell who’s who by hair color and such.

This comic, you could replace the characters with just outlines and the readers would still be able to tell them all apart. I like that.

And, this comic trivially passes the Bechdel Test. This page, and many others.


Check out Tom Lehrer, and his song “The MLF Lullaby.” (Multi-Lateral Force, in case you’re curious.) You’ll like his line about the Germans. “We taught them a lesson in 1918, and they’ve hardly bothered us since then.”

As a Finn allow me to calm the worries about Germans, they are not going to start with nukes. It’s the eternal victim complex wankers to east who are more likely to start with them. Or any other less mentally giftes dictator with one or two who’s gona lob it when their ego gets hurt.

Only one country has ever used nuclear weapons in anger. And you have to go a lot further east from where you are to find them.

No, the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan were not done so in anger. The firebombings of the Japanese Home Islands in 1943 onward were done in anger. But the nuclear bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were done in something far worse.

The only time nuclear weapons have been dropped were done so in cold calculus. Both cities were bombed as a demonstration that America was willing to totally annihilate Japanese cities if the Emperor refused to surrender. And it worked.

First of all, using a weapon “in anger” is a common slang term that means the weapon was used for real, for war purposes, as opposed to used in a test.


Second of all, I firmly believe that the nuclear bombs saved large numbers of lives, both Japanese and American. You can see a discussion here:


P.S. I am thankful that I personally do not have to make decisions that would result in anyone dying.

Of course.
However, only that comment-er, using the name, “Anonymous”, can tell us what meaning that [that person], had given to that phrase.
But, on the other hand- since they signed their comment as, “Anonymous” good luck to us, in ever hearing from [the real “Anonymous”], who did create that post.

Don’t worry, the Germans will have you believe anything, should you be daring enough to trust in technological prowess.

To start a thermonuclear war, one would have to have nukes, presumably.
Unless you overpower a nuke bearer and use theirs.
Or if you count in provocation of other nuke-bearers like in WWI. A diplomat may suffice.
Or you hack like the devil.
Or worse, you leave a bug in the code which in the right set of circumstances opens a back door, to an unmapped facility, and the rest is breach history. Germans, especially in administrative positions are well-known for these sort of total insurance schemes, especially in connection to software.

This said, you may want to take note that, …
with the tremendous power of foresight that can be cultivated only in the most obscurely esoteric mineral mining valleys of the Black Forest, you can essentially predict not just when it’s going to happen, but how long it is going to last, and whose (ruined) birthday will trigger it. Ancient watchmakers have ingrained this terrible knowledge into a doomsday watch, and taken painstaking clandestine measures to obfuscate its origin, smuggling it into a batch among the regular ones, surfing on both sides of the edge of im-plausible in-feasibility. To the intuitively informed eye of the one(s) hurled-into-things, it will point the path to go. An ancient cult is accompanying patiently observing world events, preparing to usher in the impending era-change with the dutifully preordained level of ritual and decorum! However, with the current unexpected turn of events, an internal power struggle has erupted around an excrutiating dilemma that would not be sat out: to avoid meddling or to initiate an extraordinary intervention in order to prevent humans from killing themselves prematurely with any lesser means than those destined WAY BEFORE the due date. There is, among this line of eminent organisations, after all, a compelling common protocol binding to tradition, hierarchy, sequence, believability, structure, and account. And so, the itch in the history of the wretched matter of a thing apparently is, it cannot just end here, can it now…

Nuclear war is actually a lot more survivable than people think. If you’re not directly under or in the immediate vicinity of a bomb, your biggest concern is fallout. And of course, surviving the immediate aftermath. Thankfully, fallout’s half-life is shockingly short, which means you really have to focus on surviving what comes AFTER a nuclear war, which is basically The Purge, non-stop, without electricity and you have to try and grow food during it.

True. However, I don’t mean to argue, but:
the damage caused by a hydrogen bomb, (which is a very, powerful, nuclear bomb, for those readers who haven’t researched info. about nuclear weapons), can be lethal damage that will radiate out- 20 miles from the explosion.

Also- the people who have survived major amounts of the bomb’s heat damage and physical damage might have short life spans as well.
(If people [really] don’t want to upset themselves, then don’t look at historical sites about the burns that happened to people from: the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast, and the Nagasaki atomic bomb blast).

On another note, in my view- a nuclear weapon(s) is probably one of the most dangerous, if not the most unwanted, object to own.

If I’m a president who decides to make nuke weapons to defend my nation, OK- do I own that nuke bomb, or does it own me?

If I give my nation nuke bombs, THEN I have to make sure that no [bad guy] can get to it, or steal it.

That’s a lot of money in huge, castle-like, army bases, + soldiers, + SWAT teams, to defend the bombs.

We could ask: India, Pakistan, [formerly South Africa], the US, + others- is it really a [wonderful] thing to own + protect nuke weapons?

If I have them, someone could toss a nuclear weapon at me.

Or as the cartoonist, Walt Kelly said- [paraphrased]: “If you protect the world with 30 foot long alligators, it doesn’t matter who’s alligator eats you.”

There’s probably a lot of nations that wish that- all nuclear weapons, + the knowledge to build them, were permanently destroyed.

“But while I’m wishing, I wish I had a pony”.

Thus endeth the soap box speech. Cheers.

It’s one thing to have nuclear weapons to defend your nation, it’s another thing entirely if your adversaries ALSO have the nuclear weapons that they will need to defend theirs in response. It can then turn into a dangerous game of chicken if tensions do flare up. Cuban Missile Crisis anyone? How about the U.S. and Soviet arms race of the 1980s?

Nuclear weapons genuinely shouldn’t ever be used by either side. The fallout isn’t worth it.

You bet.
I talk about the Cuban Missile Crisis,as well, further down on this page.
Great minds think alike, and all of that.

I think I’ve mentioned it on this site, before, but- one of the things I’m glad that the humans decided to do was: to go through the 1960s, Cuban Missile Crisis, + the US, + the USSR, decided NOT to do a full nuclear war- which would have killed all the people in both nations, or caused just about that much damage.

Here’s a short history of the CMC:


Two huge nations decided not to play with their own doom, and decided to pull away from a hideous, very costly, nuclear war.

I really hope that the results of the two events, the atomic/nuclear bomb attacks in ww2, and the world ending the Cuban Missile Crisis, will keep people from using nuclear weapons again.

[Ugh. These aren’t the dreadful subjects I meant to talk about this week. Come back tomorrow, + maybe I’ll talk about fraudsters that steal the elderly’s needed food money + housing money, or other cheerful things like that.]
Cheers. :)

Good joke Jackie, ironically, the first thing I thought of was Norm McDonald. That running joke of his was one of my favourite parts of his Weekend Update tenure. That and the David Hasselhoff jokes.

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