1810 Mythical Beasts.

I had a dream this morning where I was trying to get to a math class & I was all worried about failing it, then I suddenly remembered that I draw for a living & was like “Oh yeah, fuck math. Fuck school. I don’t need any of this.” It was kind of great, because I could tell that part of my brain was trying to make the dream’s premise stick after I partially realized the actual situation of my life, but it couldn’t because I could kind of see my real future. I woke up when the dream part of my brain finally just gave up.

My cold is finally starting to lose the battle. It was about 4 days of misery, but at least it wasn’t the flu. that would have been a real problem. I’ll be extra careful now that I’ve been reminded how much I hate being sick like this.


I really like your writing here – I see this is as them making an awkward attempt at transitioning to a relationship that isn’t purely based on childish antagonism, which feels very authentic.

So it is a family trait, then. I think I’m starting to understand Reggie a bit more now. Of course, anything else to be gained of his character rests on his interactions with Alex…

I am always amazed how we still have dreams about being late or missing an exam years after being done with school

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself in a dream what I’m doing back at high school, as I have a degree. But then I’ve also been back at college, and asking myself why I’m here when I have work in the morning. Sometimes my dreams get disturbingly mundane, which makes me think my subconscious just doesn’t have much to work with.

I’ve had this dream three times, in one capacity or another. As a high school graduate having to go back to middle school (why?!), as a veteran having to go back to the Marines without pay, and as a person contemplating university for the first time. That last one was essentially me going back to high school to practice for college, but I completely forgot that I had signed up for one class in particular just before the end of a crucial semester.

The other two dreams ended similarly. I became really annoyed with my circumstances, found my H.S. Diploma/Separation papers, and went into the main office of the applicable organization, slammed down the appropriate paperwork, and shouted “Goodbye!”

Those dreams did not make repeat appearances.

It’s PTSD, plain and simple.

I remember a decade and a haif of nightmaring that I woke up and I was back in basic training. DAY ONE. And that my life since the military WAS the dream.

I had two of nearly the same dream shortly after a major surgery I had while I was in the Marine Corps. Essentially, I failed to fight off an enormous monster with a spear, and got stabbed in the abdomen, physically feeling the weapon as it pierced me.

Only a couple of years ago, I worked with a veteran Navy Corpsman who I told this story to. He laughed and told me it was PTSD. It was such a mind-screw to think that I had PTSD in peacetime since I managed to be released before anything really happened in the middle east. Fallujah was in the news within two months of my EAS.

Of course, so was Mayor Daley’s exploits against Meig’s Field in Chicago, but I didn’t suffer PTSD after that one.

Not so very different, these two. They surround themselves with the exceptional, though Reggie’s pride may not let him recognize it in some of his coworkers.

Sometimes i think our brains come up with those kinds of dreams to remind us to not stress out over stuff that is trivial

When you act like an Asshole yeah. Cool girls are less likely to want to be around you.

Then again the “Cool Girls” may not be the ones you want to be around.
As Reggie stated, who wants to be around vapid empty shells?
Well, besides the other vapid empty shells or the Machiavellian sociopaths looking to boost their social status through association.

I had a similar dream where I tried to get back into college but I felt everyone around was laughing at me and they just wanted me out even though they weren’t and I could see it in their faces so at one point I was just like “yeah you know what? Fuck this” Took my bag and left, a mate tried to stop me telling me how much they all admired me and then…I woke up, happy valentines day to anyone with a couple I guess

I am just shy of 40 and I still have high school dreams like you had.. Oh no I haven’t been to english all year…. what am I going to do.

I think this explains my attraction to superheroines. It’s not just the flashy costumes and model-caliber looks (although that is a factor, let’s not gild the lily)–it’s the idea of a competent, gifted woman who has special skills and abilities who doesn’t need me to take care of her, but who wants to be with me anyway because there’s something about me they find attractive.

Explains a few things to me. ;)

Wait, wait, when did Reggie find out Victoria has a fursuit? A few weeks ago I hit the random button by mistake and it landed on that arc. So I have fairly recent memories of Victoria being TERRIFIED of Reggie finding out, yet this interaction is pretty minor. In fact she gives better than she gets

He guesses (believing it to be her) and basically gets her to admit it at home by acting like he already knows. It’s like, one or two pages, then cuts back to other people.

This is the third best webcomic that exists, in my opinion. I read the entirety just two days ago in one sitting. The only other time I even tried that is QC and I didn’t finish that, so this is the only one that I have completely read all at once. The art is adorable and the attitude of not creating needless conflict to make it interesting is really refreshing compared to most modern media.
Short version- thanks for makin’ this, ya did a good.

Third best? Man, I’m comin up in the world. 5 years ago I was lucky to get into the top 5. XD I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks for giving it a try.

I’m with Anon up there, but I’ll do you one better.

I don’t even read webcomics anymore except this one, and somehow you talked me into paying you for it too. How do you do it?

I really like this side of Reggie and Victoria.

I’ve had dreams where I realized I was dreaming or that things weren’t right, and it’s always woken me up the same way. Sometimes I wanted to take control of the dream like people talk about, but it’s like the dream part of my brain said “No, play by my rules or I’m packing up the dream and going home.”

I had the weirdest-ass dream last night, myself.

I was a furry. And People were after me. Like, sexually. Spent the whole night running away with my hands clamped on my belt to keep my pants on.

When I first read this post, I arbitrarily skipped the first sentence. For a moment, I was really gobsmacked at the company you keep.

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