1390 Smell Ya Later.

I couldn’t let the furry arc end without doing this. Reggie is pretty self absorbed, but as each little thing added up his brain was trying to decide if this strange creature could be his own sister. It may make his seem pretty dense, but in his defense, the two sides of Victoria are pretty polar. I suspect that right up to the moment he said Nicky he was still not 100% sure. If Victoria had managed to keep her poker face he might have assumed that the whole affair was a very strange set of coincidences.

I’m not going to show the immediate aftermath of this situation, but you can guess that Victoria is in for a stressful time until Reggie decides what to do with the information he now has. Then again, if he’s mean about the whole thing that might put him at odds with Alex. Victoria may be secretive, but she would still be her friend.

I actually got outed over an old art account once. It was at one of my birthday gatherings years ago. One of my friends invited someone I didn’t know very well. They came over and I happened to have my laptop running on the table. So the dude just picked it up and started using it. Around people I know I rarely think about having to protect my electronics, but I assumed that the dude was cool since he was friends with my friend. I mean who picks up someone’s computer and just starts using it without asking? Anyway he found out that I had a deviantart account, but I told him to stop messing with my stuff before he was able to make the gathering any more awkward than it already was.
A few days later one of my best friends told me the dude was telling everyone he knew about my account and having a grand time. So we had a “talk”. Back then I was capable of being menacing, so from that point on there were no more problems.
That’s about as close to Victoria’s situation as I’ve ever been in, and it was really taxing. It made me much more sympathetic to people who don’t want to reveal their sexual orientation to their families and that sort of thing. Sometimes you just aren’t emotionally prepared to share yourself with everyone. Having that choice potentially taken away Is a bad scene.

Speaking of my potentially embarrassing art, it’s Carol’s turn on the auction block. Thomas did much better than I expected, so maybe the boys aren’t a lost cause after all. The real question is will Carol defeat Brooksie? It’s hard to say. I think more people really love Brooksie in that moe kind of way her character type induces. Carol is too prickly to be loved the same way. She’s more flawed. In terms of personality she’s much more like Reggie than anyone else, which is probably why they are like oil and water most of the time. It says something about Thomas that he can love Carol and be friends with Reggie in spite of their abrasive tendencies. It might be closer to the truth to say he likes them because of that than in spite of it. I would say that Thomas is drawn to them because their confidence is real while his is an affectation. That, in turn is why he feels protective of Brooksie. The paralyzing shyness she experiences in unfamiliar situations is something he understands. Anyway, that’s as may be. The important thing is I drawed a picture!


I gotta say, I love this page. The character’s expressions and reactions are spot on, especially from a sibling dynamic. It really brings depth to both Victoria and Reggie’s characters to see this kind of human interaction. Also, her dress is fabulous.
On the flipside, I can’t think of a single person that uses the word “brother” to talk to their brother. And it also seems that Reggie was so happy with himself about this discovery that he managed to obliterate the desk he was sitting in and the chair he was in with his sheer smugness.

Thank you, I appreciate the general positive tone of this comment. Two points: My sister calls me brother all the time. And Reggie has walked past Victoria into the hall in panel 3 so I wouldn’t need to draw the desk.

I call my brother “brother” more often than I call him by his name. Unless I’m speaking about him to someone else, then for simplicity I just call him by his name.

He calls me “sister”…

At some point you need to do the Metal gear Solid thing where you dramatically shout “BROTHER!” at him while he’s getting into a giant nuclear-launch capable mech.

Granted, that might take some work to set up.

ah side note, my sister calls me brother. I also call her sister, but we do that mainly to be condescending to the other. I suspect we both picked up the habit from too much anime but even we aren’t so much weeaboos to say nii-chan/nee-chan

I too think Victoria’s dress is awesome. As a matter of fact it is the only reason I think she is hot.

Oh dear….. *salutes our fallen (potential?) future heroine* Your time was short, but you were loved.

ack T_T why you do these auctions when my finances are all kaput T_T just….just do carol again in the future someday please T_T

Might just be recent good behaviour or so, but I like to think the cost might just be something simple, like keeping his membership a secret, putting in a good word with Alex, stuff like that. Guess we’ll see how much he’s grown. Nice page!

I think he should keep it simple considering she has some dirt on him as well. So if push comes to shove and she quits panicking she can probably get through this relatively unscathed. I might also just be optimistic.

Noticed Reggie staring a little wistfully at that flower-in-a-case. Makes me wonder.

I remembered she had a flower in her hair (fake or real, hard to tell)… but it was a light blue. While the one in the case is purple.

Still, that it’s IN the case suggests it has some meaning to Reggie. Hm….

Sorry. Lack of clarity, and it doesn’t seem I can edit the post. “She” refers, in this case, to Veronica.

Maybe Victoria should bust out the big guns and blackmail him back. I think being outed as having had a tryst with his cousin by marriage is a bigger deal then being outed as a furry. At least in the eyes of their family. >:D

You see, this is what I was saying all the way back when she put her mask back on. If she’d handled it “right”, it would be HER who’s proposing the blackmail.

Ya know, just sayin’

That look on Reggie’s face makes me think his mind has wandered back to the one who got away.

Siblings: can’t live with them, can’t hide the body without them.

Did we ever establish whether Reggie and Vicky are twins? I’m also a little surprised that their home isn’t more posher.

I’m at least relieved that that looks more like a teasing smile than a mean one. It’s going to be something dumb like making her sing in front of the group or something. Unless I am really misreading, I don’t think there’s going to be anything nasty.

That’s kind of how I see it. IMO- Reggie now has a very, cool woman to date: so he now has less time to think of huge, diabolical mean-things to try on his sister. ;D

Reggie has always been quick as a whip. He noticed Ed’s shoes before anyone else. If only his mouth didn’t get in the way so often.

The way that Victoria drowned out in color in every way made this for me.

I’m glad I have a sublime poker face most of the time… and when I don’t have that, well… I knock people into line rather quick like.

Honestly, if he outs her to anyone she’s got the whole “you did it with your new cousin on the day of her sister’s wedding” thing sitting in her back pocket. At best, they should just pretend that night never happened and move on. Victoria gets to keep her secret life secret and no one else in Reggie’s family finds out about the cousin affair. Yes I know they are cousins by marriage but I still get the feeling he wouldn’t want everyone in his family to know, especially the girl he did it with finding out he told a bunch of people about it to spit a really rude girl.

I don’t think he’d actually out her. Unless they really fell apart about something entirely different. I think he just wants to see how much mileage he can get out of this. Also that look in the last panel doesn’t spell mischieve to me, so I don’t really expect it to be all to bad for Vicky. Might just be something along the lines of a cookie flat rate, who knows? (Well, the author obviously.)

That’s a nuke-level AoE blackmail: there’s more than one person at risk with that and it could tear apart the family.

A siblings…
can’t live without them, can’t blackmail them enough
these smells like a coupke of weeks stuff but never to really use it
I should know you can and should destroy your siblings at every chance but it stays between us, you dont give the amunnition to others to harm them
the truest (?) Expression of this is malcom in the middle
they were at war every single day but when a common enemy appeared it was over
as always I love your work, and remwmber 2 can keep a secret if one of them is dead

I must come from a different world or something (oh, wait, I do). The whole cousin-by-marriage thing doesn’t really impress me much. My Mom’s Father’s brother married a nice young woman. Her brother and his sister had met long the wedding (it was a small town in West Virginia), but they started dating and married about a year after their siblings. Double uncles and double aunts, as cross-wedded siblings.

Can’t really see the issue there as well. It’s not as if they’re related by blood or anything. Don’t know whether that’s a cultural thing or so. I’m from Central Europe, if that’s any indication.

Central Europe here as well, and yeah, nothing strange, through it’s funny to say ‘she is my cousin, and my aunt’ about one of relatives.

If you like webcomics with office dramas, social dramas, + the odd conspiracy theory, there is: Newshounds II by Thomas K. Dye. Newshounds 2 is on:


T. K. Dye is planning to continue NH II, as Newshounds 3, on: August 3, 2015.
[ I just thought I’d mention Newshounds, since Between Failures has been about Furries-related stuff, recently].

She looks like a constant nervous wreck. Like she’s about to collapse from fear and stress at any moment. Gaunt, too. :/

I feel like a portion of the female fanbase crying after reading the word “outed” in the commentary.

Then another portion of the male fans smirking.

Then me asking myself if it’s rude to ask you to elaborate on the particular flavour of “outed”

So that’s my reaction to the commentary…

I don’t mind you asking. It was an embarrassing art page of fat girls basically. At that time my art was even more embarrassing than now.

See this reminds me of the reason why I’m one of the few that holds no sympathy for Reggie…

I like the introspection on reggie’s face in panel 1;
It looks rather like my default expression,
Only shorter.

Reggie, dude, what the bloody hell, man?
She made cookies. COOKIES.
And she came to your room OFFERING SOME!
She… IS A GODDESS, and you just went like “yeah, whatever, listen”
Don’t diss the cookies, man. That’s not something Gordon Freeman would do.

huh… she looked rough around the edges when we first saw her( probably all sweaty from the suit or something) but it turns out she is pretty good looking ^_^.


nice shot in panel 4, you really got the “blood drained from the face“ really well

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