1389 The Riddle Of Me.

I feel like I really nailed this scene. Well, okay, not nailed perhaps because I wanted it to look way better and whatnot, but in so far as I an capable I feel like I sold this.

I decided to have a contest of sorts because I ended up with an extra Marth Amiibo LINK Tell your Amiibo loving art friends about it please.

My Ike Amiibo that I preordered showed up finally. I was pretty certain he was a lost cause and Marth was the only Fire Emblem Amiibo I was going to get, but now I have these two. Robin and Lucina are a quest for another time. At this point I’m happy with whatever I can get and that I have a chance to shame the love with someone else.

When I got the extra Marth I had to swear I wouldn’t put it on eBay, which is easy enough because I don’t want to be a huge dick. I want to be a regular dick like usual. Also I want art of my characters, hence the contest.

For the record, Monday’s page is the really real last page of this story. I wanted all the major players to get their closure, but after that it’s a new part. We’re starting out with some Nina and the Lincoln twins to reintroduce ourselves to our old friends. I hope you look forward to it.

In Tomodachi Life I was heartbroken that Thomas and Carol did not get married. They were best friends from the start, but it never became love. Thomas married a new Mii I made up for the game called Emma. I almost let myself mess it up, but I vowed to let things play out without trying to shoehorn my stories into the game. Still, I was hoping for a Carol Thomas or Nina Thomas pairing.

I don’t know if I said this already, but Reggie is dating Evrina and is best friends with Jo. Also, Mike and Carol are dating. These are all ships I’ve seen mentioned in the comments. In fact, if anyone wants to get the game and import my Miis let me know. I think I can publis qr codes so you can import them.

Anyway Thomas is still up for auction. The lowest priced one so far. T^T

Honestly I should be happy someone wants to buy him at all. XD

So yeah, I’ll see you guys in the comments!


If you make panel 4 a wallpaper, just shut up and take my money. Thats amazing. John….*sigh* well he still has a shot, a date is only a date, and shes letting him know his shots still there if hes willing to take it

I think it’s gonna be where, even if he said before that he likes “thinner” women, he’ll start falling for her personality instead of body like he usually does or did before

Dunno how how the scenario plans to be written out, but life experience has taught me that when you get comfortable with something and take it for granted, suddenly losing it makes it valuable. I dunno if John is really gonna fall for Alex or not (I hope so, I ship them so much) but there is just something about people that makes them desire what they can’t have. When things are too simple and easy, its easy to not care or take it for granted, and he was taking his relationship with her for granted. Now that there is a chance to lose her, selfish desires rear their head, and he might wind up trying to “win” her, regardless of whether he actually wants her or not. Guys are pretty good at convincing themselves they want something they don’t really want when it means losing something stable.

Alex’s Eye!!! Gods she looks good being able to see it. I’d say them but, y’know, we’re only seeing one, lol. Change her hair to be like that from now on please. Like when you went from sketch to color. Change! Change! Change!

The words Mae West popped into my head. Can you make a screenshot of Alex saying,”Why don’t ya come up and see me sometime?”

Good lord if she was a real person I knew in real life I would fall for that girl so hard my ancestors’ heads would spin.

Absolutely stunning shot of Alex! You’ve really outdone yourself, Jackie!

That fourth panel is simply amazing. While the art here has never been ‘bad’, it usually varies from ‘serviceable’ to ‘pretty impressive’. This is ‘downright stunning’, in part because of its elegant simplicity. Bravo!

to me, on panel four, she just took a couple dozen levels in hotness. she was already cool and amazing as a character but now with that eye shot.SWEET MERCIFUL MOTHER OF GOD!

Today I learnt that Alex has a mole in the same place as Konata(Lucky Star).

Is it? Oh yeah, it is. XD

And why do i feel as if the “mole” is gonna have some purpose down the road, it usually have, it’s like a Chekhov’s Gun, it is THERE and revealed in such way that is must be related to some arc later on, like she’s someone who someone knows(likely john) from way back when she was completely different which later is used as a “proof” of some sort to identify her and so on….or am reading to much into it? >_<

Fourth panel is awesome, but the third panel… Is that faded property on the characters deliberate?

I don’t know what you mean, so I can’t say for sure.

I think what he means is more visible if you look between John’s hair in Panels 1/2 and then his hair in Panel 3. It’s almost like the colors are faded, yet have a slight… glow to them, I guess? Almost like the effect you get when you invert colors, only it stayed roughly the same color.

Oh, I know what that is. It’s some kind of contrast error that seems to happen with my linework sometimes. I need to go into those panels and darken the lines till they look right. It’s so sublte I can hardly see it is the problem.

Yeah, it’s not an issue for me either. I noticed it, but that was about the end of it; it really doesn’t detract.

Yeah. You nailed it. Plus she… well she’s a spitting image of a girl I used to date. Red hair, blue eyes, same body type, and that… “I know” with a backdrop of the night sky? I would ask you to get out of my head, but you do the scene better justice than I ever could, and you aren’t even telling the same story :P

Well done sir. You gave me a case of the nostalgic feels.

The Librarian. She reads John Kepler like a book.

Oh, and Alex so needs to get a spot on the ‘Cast’ page. She’s gotten a lot more exposure than Wesley; she earned it, she deserves it!

You should buy Codename Steam. It’s just like Fire Emblem, but a luttle more action-y. It’s also steam punk (hence the name). I absolutely love it, and if you have the amiibo for fire emblem,you can playas the characters.

I have Codename steam and I agree with you about it being great. I don’t have the thing to get the amiibos to work in it yet.

“I wonder if you’ve ever walked my path before…”

I wonder if that means: has John ever been the pursuer in a romantic relationship, before, + not been the pursue-ee? Hm.

Interesting interpretation! Personally I thought she was referring to finding someone she’s interested in intellectually (Reggie) more than physically (John), and is wondering whether John has ever chosen to date someone for their brain over their looks.

You own the picture after submission, but are we allowed to post it to our tumblr/da/etc? It’s tempting… Loves me some Fire Emblem <3 and some Smash. So…

Also, love this page, by the by. This whole arc, rather, has been great to follow.

You can post it wherever you like. XD I’m glad you enjoyed this arc. It was a dangerous experiment in some ways but I think it will make the world richer over time. Hopefully anyway.

Oh yeah, you definitely nailed this scene. Hell, this whole arc was pretty well nailed. I really didn’t think I’d care so much about these minor characters, but you’ve really grown them on me.

Ah! She has chosen to reveal the eye, a rare event indeed. He is either a very privileged person, or has just been marked for death.

Just want to re-iterate that, while I’ve always enjoyed your art, I think it has improved of late.

Nailed it at least a hundred times over. Writers of all kinds of media could take lessons from story building like this.

I’m going to take this moment to say that I’ve been reading your comics almost religiously, for a little while now. When John was originally introduced I had mistakenly pegged him for a shallower being. However, I now find him to be the character I relate most to. You’ve created believable characters with genuine depth. Kudos to you and thank you for making thise few days a week better (^-^)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnndddddd I’ve fallen for another one of your characters Jackie. Jo tops the list, but Nina just got bumped to 3rd. XD

Arrgggh The last panel won’t load no matter what/where I try to load it from!!!

(public library, 3G smart phone, laptop tethered to sad phone)

Sometimes if you clear your cache that can fix it. I don’t know why you would be plagued by such an odd glitch. As far as I can tell the site is loading fine on every platform.

Yeah, I’m almost six years late to this party, but I found this only last week and this is by no means the first time I’ve been moved to write but it is the first time I couldn’t fight the temptation. I don’t know if you (or anyone else) will ever see this but OH MY GOD IS THIS GOOD!!! That fourth panel just blew me away. Yes indeedy, you absolutely DID nail this scene. And many others. I can’t even imagine what it was like for those poor pathetic people who had to wait forever for the next installment, and am looking forward to joining their ranks as soon as I finish what you’ve got so far.

Wow. This is really, really good.

Hmmm… not really a fan of Alex gloating in this passive-aggressive way. It comes off like “you thought because I’m not built like a swimwear model I couldn’t get any? Too bad!” The “simpleton” is uncalled for too, however jocularly she may have uttered it. She was just as capable as he of expressing attraction. If John had repeatedly badmouthed “fatties” or spurned her, then, sure, but…

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