Even when Reggie is being nice, he’s still a dick. He must be fun to write.

Oh yeah, and YES WE DID! Woot! No pardons for you, Dubya!

Reg really is a dick. I’m glad Obama won– to keep Palin out of the white house and to piss off my ex-boss.

Just remember that Barack Hussein means “blessed friend” in Arabic.

I trust that to be a good omen for the future.

I bet Reggie doesn’t score. Her husband’s over in the hardware section.

Of course he won. Ever heard of a kenyan that lost a race?

Bad jokes aside, I am wondering how long his media honeymoon lasts?

There are always a bunch of Kenyans who lose the Boston Marathon. I mean, only two Kenyans can win it each year, you know?

Sometimes you just wanna do some “one on one physical activity” with some people, Reggie is one of them. Also, the new girl is hot and I hope she stays in the comic for a while longer.

Reggie is an ass, Obama is President, I got that job at Circuit City.

All is right in the world!



Lol I somehow like the brown girl in the comic, oh I hope she becomes an integral character….just for the shiny object references. Lol I could actually almost hear both contempt and concernern in reggies voice too, odd.

Yep Obama won………by alot. Some of my friends still believe the bull rumors about him. But then agian they never got an A in a class before so they might not be the brightest.

By the Gods…. Reggie is now my favourite character. Hands down.
No questions asked.

Makes me wish I was more like him and less like Ed.

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