He has the Nina mischief face on panel 4! Guess these two do rub off on each other after being close friends for so long.

I consider it a definite mark in your favor that you’re concerned about a strip being 40 minutes late. Some artists will be days, even weeks, overdue without so much as a note.

That’s why I’ve managed to do better for myself than my talents would normally allow. I’m not the best, but I try to show up when I say I will.

I’d say that the ability to consistently show up and suit up counts as a talent. The web is scattered with pretty beginnings from creators who couldn’t pull that off.

I agree with Rockabilly. Your character development is good, nuanced, and fun to read.

No. Your art is some high strung super shades comic style masterpiece.

But it is good, FUN, unique, and something that a lot of other artists struggle with.


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