1593 Volume.

In case you need a look back on what Maddison is talking about here is where it starts for her and Reggie.

I just don’t have anything to say today that feels like it has any value to add to any of this. I’ve felt sort of good, but sort of shitty all day. This weird kind of line between feeling good and feeling wrong. I’m not sure if I slept wrong, or it’s my allergies, or what. Maybe I need to drink some more water. Anyway, I guess I’m just going to leave you to your own devices and work on the next page, because I’m so far behind I’m seriously going to be in trouble soon.


There seems to be quite a bit of matter in that volume. Seems a few people are a little dense.

We’re beyond dense here. This isn’t your everyday stupid this is advanced stupid

Dwarf Star Alloy – It is impregnable to any particle or radiation, including psionics and was the only material that could hold time sensitive species.

DSA…is that the Dr. Who thing?

Some Dr. Who aliens made a spaceship out of dwarf star alloy…too bad that such a heavy alloy threatened to make the ship sink through a planet, + destroy that planet.
*I show myself out of The Door for dudes who know too much TV trivia.*

In Maddie’s 1st few comics, I thought that Maddie was just a very eccentric girl: like Fluttershy, rather than being a nitwit.
Come to think of it- Fluttershy is kind of a nitwit too, Isn’t she? *Looks puzzled*

Being slow on the uptake doesn’t make her a nitwit necessarily. She just experiences the world in a way that is different from other people.

Oops! Sorry. No offense meant to Maddie. I just meant that she seems to be played as/ written as- nitwit-ish, just as when Reggie 1st appeared, his main role seemed to be- acting kind of d*ck-ish. Sorry about that.
*Offers Jackie a non-existent round of Bourbon.*

[Falls out of chair laughing]

Now I know what she reminds me of! I feel so dense not thinking of this sooner, but one of my brother’s exes had a pug-chihuahau mix with pretty much the same personality and temperament as Madison. Slow on the uptake, easily excitable, and happy-go-lucky.
Her name was Maddie, too.

It took me a bit of time to realise this, but the furry group is basically the “evil” counterpart to our friends from Megatainment.

Brigitte = Nina
Evrina = Reggie
Victoria = Jo
Maddison = Carol
Alex = Mike
Neil = John

So the only two missing really are Ed and Wes. I guess this will be an unanswered question really.

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