1422 Snuggle Clutches.

Jess made a rookie mistake here. You need To stay outside the range of the wild Brooksie at all times, they are to wily to trust otherwise.

Sorry there’s not a blog post per se. I had a shitty day and didn’t get back to it.


‘Fancy stuff’, eh?

I’m getting worried this is leading up to a moment where the sister says something that makes Jo Sad D: I hope my hunch isn’t correct by what I presumed to be foreshadowing with her brother talking to her about Jo and the relationship she has with her earlier in the comic. >o <'

It basically screams something bad will happen. Jo is far too innocent and clumsy while Jessica is much more unpredictable. I don’t think she’ll say something… I think she’ll do something…

Then drama ensues.

The old Blanket Snatch — oldest trick in the book. Hope you weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere, Jess.

The “Blanket Snatch” for grabbing unsuspecting pedestrians, or “Blanket Snare” for netting and smothering unruly felines…either way, it ends well for the victims.

Fancy, eh? I expect nothing less that full monocle and top hat action! Bonus points for dapperstaches, suits and canes.

Given that this IS Brooksie, I was half expecting her to make a reference to the Man-Drinker monsters from the first Beastmaster movie.

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