1421 Hypnochick.

Don’t look her in the eyes, Jess! Her power is in her eyes!

A storm seems to have blown in under my radar. It’s making the house breathe. Lots of humid air is getting in. The wind is quite fierce.

Apparently The Teen starts school tomorrow.

Honestly, I haven’t done anything worth talking about since Friday. I’m just doing drawings and trying to get ahead of the game again. Apart from that I’ve played Splattoon just enough to gain and lose my A- rank twice.

I’m wasting time trying to write stuff here. I’m going back to work. See you guys in the comments.


Hee hee hee. I wonder how many times the snake’s scene, gets modified for bedroom scenes.

Jo should do her own, live-action version, of the Jungle Book movie!

Dear oh dear, the sexual innuendo of that oft overlooked Jungle Book scene! I quiver with…amazement, or is it lust? The mere thought of hypnotic gazes and slithering forms have opened the floodgates to overwhelming ecstasy!

I keep hearing Ed’s voice (cowboy bebop) when Jo talks right now.

you too? weird I dont know why but I immediately give her that voice whenever reading this comic XD

to be honest her voice kinda sounds like fluttershy in my mind. just… more adult-y sounding. soft spoken and quiet, but excitable about things she really likes. c:

I still say someone should do a live action between failures. It wouldn’t be that hard…

Yes it would. With all of these beautiful characters? It would get hard very quickly. Hell, with Jess/Jo alone it’d be near a porno.

Hm. Jo sleeps with her contacts in?

Yeah – I have to admit I thought that too. Of course there are contacts on the market now that are designed to allow you to sleep with them in. Mostly they are labeled “extend wear” or “night-and-day”. Still, a lot of optometrists recommend that even those kind of contacts may not be such a great idea to wear for days on end because they ought to be cleaned regularly and if anything gets between the contact and the eye it can leave scratches that require the contact to be removed to allow the eye to heal.

Just saying….

For the purposes of this comic though, we will just assume Jo uses the extended wear kind was just too tired to take them out last night.

Jo is weaponized cuteness.

Now, if we just: make [50 million] copies of Jo, and put them in our army, then the USA would be darn-near invincible! :D

[ Jk! Jk!].

[ Ahem. I apologize in advance for this joke]: 50 Million, cute-Jo soldiers would give, “G.I. Joe”, a fun, new meaning, wouldn’t it?

I know the feeling on Splatoon. Spend all afternoon yesterday yo-yoing between C+ and C. Splat Zones are a fickle mistress, when you win, you’re swimming in cash and xp, when you lose…

I’m loving the Splatling though, it’s so much fun. Excellent range, spreads a decent amount of ink, and I can routinely top my team in splats with it. The best part is the little dance girl inklings do with it on the results screen when your team wins.

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