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I added the merch shop to the links list. I’ve made about $5 so far from it. I mention it because the thought occurred to me that $5 is no longer long enough to buy a meal. Last time I was at a fast food place the “dollar menu” was comprised of $3 items. What a sad state of affairs.

Anyway, that’s as may be. We are, as they say, all in this together. Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


Fast food has really gotten jacked up recently, way higher percentage-wise than either (most) groceries or sit-down dining. Both of which are probably healthier anyway. You can still eat well for $5 if you’re prepared to buy ingredients, especially on sale and/or in bulk, and prepare the meal yourself. I almost never buy meat full-price anymore, I just wait for it to get marked down and buy loads. Any that I can’t eat right away, I jam in a big chest freezer until I’m ready to use it.

True. I live alone, so I tend to buy perishable items in small quantities. (Larger packages might have a lower unit price, but I figure I’m not actually saving anything if I end up throwing half of it out.) But I still take advantage of markdowns and clearance items. If I find a good deal on less perishable items I stock up as much as my limited storage space allows. Even if you don’t want to cook, you can still find some pretty decent frozen meals for under five bucks, or family-sized options that cost less than $5 per serving.

It’s also possible to spend less on fast food if you’re willing to sign up for various rewards programs. I order fast food pretty much exlusively through various apps. Most of them send me various discounts and special offers regularly in addition to accumulating points that can be cashed in for food.

IIRC, in the old days, you might call older women handsome as a polite way of not forcing yourself to them beautiful.

A very different definition from the one we saw in the previous issue. I wish my copy of the Oxford English Dctionary was at hand. It gives the meanings words had for the past thousand years or so.

People might have to pay to see [premium] parts of these dictionary’s sites, but:
1)here is the online version of The OED:


If that site isn’t to your taste, then here is the site of [the US version], of the [British], Cambridge University’s dictionary:


[My apologizes to the UK, and/or British readers of this site. I believe that there is a [large] rivalry between the [Oxford, and Cambridge,] Universities.
I’m not trying to stir up any rivalry between the two universities].

My saying I like both of the universities’ dictionaries is probably “akin to” my walking into a rowdy, US, baseball bar, + saying I like BOTH the Yankees, + the Red Socks. [Oops.]

I mean no harm, all readers from The UK, and across the globe.
I think both universities are very, excellent institutions.
Cheers, TRA :D

Heck. OK. I had put up a comment which had included: a link to The online version of The OED/dictionary, and a link to- The online version to The Cambridge Dictionary.

I guess the BF site’s, computer program erased the comment, for having links in it.

That’s OK. No matter.

If you look online, say on the site, duckduckgo [dot] com, you will find both of these dictionaries’ sites.

Both are dictionaries- from fine, and well respected, Universities in The United Kingdom, and both of these dictionaries are very, fine dictionaries.

Happy word searching. Cheers, TRA.

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