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A couple of people said that Maddison looking in the window would make a good shirt. I haven’t sold merch in years, but I decided to just make a print on demand shop again and see if they’d really buy anything. It’s a much more simple process these days compared to my old Cafepress shop. If you want something printed on a shirt just tell me what it is and I’ll try to get it available as a choice.
Shirts & Stuff I stuck a few things in there already and have some suggestions from the discord server to set up, but it’s a start.
Now before you start thinking that shirts are a great way to support my work let me caution you. I get one dollar out of each of these sales. If you want to ensure the continuation of the comic a pledge on subscribestar or patreon is the better choice. If you really want some physical token though then go ahead. Merch only works as a money making venture when you’re working with economies of scale. Print on demand is ridiculously inefficient in that respect. I can’t order thousands of shirts in order to get the costs lowered enough to make the margins viable as a support method. That is just an economic reality. All that said, if you buy something I hope you enjoy it.

Alright, now that the sort of anti sales pitch is over, I’ll say good evening to you and hope to see you here on Wednesday for more low stakes adventures.


The strip isnt loading on my end. Hopefully its a personal issue on my end, but if not, I’m posting so you’re aware.

The sentiment is there and I think that Nina will accept the compliment in the spirit it was given in just because it’s fairly obvious that Ed’s brain melted momentarily when she came into view.

Perfectly understandable because Nina is attractive at the best of times but has gone into full traffic wreck inducing territory here. Also she gets to dress for comfort because at her height I doubt she’s rocking much if anything in the way of heels so that’s a bonus as far as comfort is concerned.

There was a time (Maybe about a century or two ago) that calling a woman ‘handsome’ was a compliment. How language changes!

You’re not wrong. I read a lot of 19th-century fiction and as far as I can tell, calling a woman “handsome” meant something like “beautiful and elegant”, while calling a woman “pretty” meant “pleasing and delicate”. So Nina would be firmly in “handsome” territory here.

I’ve always been wondering:
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to license out the art and people get their own print-outs at local shops. The artist gets a higher share, local place makes money and people save on second shipping costs (first shipping is to get the shirt to the shop), while the fans participate in their own product and styling. One could use local-only materials. Just needs a good mechanism for the licensing-out part…

The logistics of that sort of thing would be very complex I should think. Plus people would have to travel to their local printing shops and mess around with that. Technically, since most of my non comic art is uploaded at print quality anyone could just take the files and get them printed however they want and not pay me at all.

By the way, and since everyone is saying the important things already anyway, I was talking about these “vote” and “patreon” images here on this website; especially the one of Nina pulling the shirt down. I think the pulling the shirt down image on a shirt would work well.

I think if I were going to wear your merchandise, just a comic panel probably won’t do.

I’d like to see just the plain comic logo, with the page url underneath. So I could be your walking advert. ;)

If it becomes available, I’ll make that my Xmas present to meself.

Nina’s really rockin’ that LBD with those legs goin’ up to Heaven and that hairdo. You could get lost in those eyes. Ed’s in full Ralph Kramden mode. Steady on, bud, it’s gonna be a memorable evening.

I don’t know about Maddie, but I’ll buy just about anything if you offer a sticker of it. I got a new laptop this summer, and I’m trying to cover the back with stickers from the webcomics I read. There aren’t a lot of options, so far I only have the baby from “Litterbox” flipping the bird in his Cozy Coupe and Dr. Dinosaur from “Atomic Robo”.

If I were to make specific suggestions, maybe stickers of the nametags? My own first name is Thomas, so it’d work on two levels. It could even just be the images from the cast page if you don’t want to put too much effort into it.

I would raise no objections if you had just a full shot of Nina all dressed up as a Patreon bonus image. For the sake of parity, you could also do same of Edward, and maybe a couples picture because they are indeed cute.

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