459 String Theory.

So, I was looking in a cabinet and found one of my old GBA cheat devices.  As I’ve been trying to complete the national pokedex, with actual Pokemon not a code. ( You were totally right Chris, I did cheat it last time to get to the battle frontier faster. )  Anyway, the thing still worked AND had complete code sets for Red and Green.  So now I can pal park 18 pokemon total, per day, by using Red, Green, and Emerald.  (Can’t find any old codes to use with Ruby/Sapphire.)  I can catch the low forms then raise them up, and after that I’ll always have one around to breed new Pokemon should I need them for a special team.  I’d like to actually defeat the frontier brains in at least one Pokemon game…


Never really had much trouble with the elite four, In most cases having a team is a total waste of time, I always end up with my starter at a significantly higher level than any elite four pokemon. 1/2 damage versus a difference of 30 levels….My pokemon has a first name it’s OMGWTFROFLPWNT!!!

i remember pokemon blues elite four and how my blastoise “leo” walked straight through them, then again he was like lvl 80 by the time i got there. im know to overpower my charaters in games and walk through most of it. its so much fun when you one hit a boss thats suppost to take an hour to fight. it makes some dialog really funny to.

This strip is one of my favorites. “Great. Now she’s vibrating.” I’ve known some people that react the way Brooksie does, it’s fun to watch.

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