Maddison all pressed up against that window is one of my very favorite (online comic) panels ever! Would also look very nice on a T-shirt I think.

That’s gone right up my flagpole. I’m saluting that one. We need this on a tee shirt now.

You know what? Fine. I’m calling your bluff. This weekend I’ll set up a shirt thingy again if I can find time.

I would buy one.


There we go. Apparently there’s a sale on right now too.

Damn, I was só close! I was all set to order my shirt (in nice Turquoise Heather), but I don’t have GPay, PayPal or a credit card. :-( …Sorry Jackie!

Pretty sure you could figure out what your order is going to cost from the link then buy a prepaid credit card (offered in many retail and grocery stores)…

Holy crow!*

*to both you losing power and Maddison. Mainly you losing power. She’s a fine lady, don’t get me wrong, but I worry about you first.

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