You have to treasure those you have when you have them. You never know when you’ll lose them.

If they are worth treasuring.

I have had a three (ostensibly treasured) people ostracize me during vulnerable times in my life, to ‘teach me a lesson’. One was a parent throw me out when I was 12. It hurt, but it was helpful to see how toxic they were to me. I may not be better off without those three, but the loved and loving people in my life who know both sides don’t push me to reconnect with any of those three, so there it sits.

Unfortunately this leaves me unwilling and/or unable to enter into intimate relationships. But it seems to be for the best, as I’m still finding myself prone to being attracted to people who end up revealing their character to my friends. Thankfully this happens before I open up now, so I am not repeating past mistakes. Twice in one life is enough.

….hey Jackie.

Sometimes…. Sometimes I wish we were friends. Maybe after I get a tablet, I’ll have something that can run discord?

…thanks for… That… :)

Discord is (semi-?) unique in that you can access it either through the actual app or through your web browser, so if you’ve able to access your browser of choice, you can already use Discord. :D You may have to sign in every time you close out of the browser (heavy on the “may” there, because I use the app on my computer and phone, heh), but it works well otherwise!

Ugh, square in the feels. I don’t like it today, but damn it is a fine comic for a rainy morning. I mean it matches the day perfectly.
Only thing better than old regret is orphan’s tears. Mmmmmm! Bitter.

Not a route to go down, Alex…that extra 30 seconds might have meant EVERYONE in the car died. I know enough about alternate history to know that weird things can happen when you start shuffling time around.

It’s nice to have that closure but even when you have time to say goodbye you don’t miss them any less.

Yeah. My last words to my brother were “stop acting like a retard”, and the last time I saw him he was asking if I wanted to hang out and I just gave him a handwave shoo away because I was in a skype call with friends. Then he shot himself, because he felt he’d never be able to live a normal life with his learning disabilities. That guilt is real, and I’m not sure you ever really recover from the loss either.

Not that this is the first or last time BF has been truth. Just adding my confirmation when its truth is something I’m unfortunately an expert on.

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