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Brooksie Valentine

Brooksie Valentine

Brooksie Valentine

So I drew those for Valentines. If you follow my Tumblr you know that already. Also Twitter and Facebook. Honestly the social network things are pretty well connected. Only G… man… What the hell is Google’s thing? I forgot what it’s called. I know there’s a G. Well, anyway, that’s the only network that won’t let me piggyback posts. The way it’s set up is like this: If I post on Tumblr it will post to Twitter and Twitter posts to Facebook. Facebook splits between my personal page and the comic’s page. It doesn’t post to the Facebook group page. Also the facebook posting app doesn’t always work… But for the most part if you choose to follow any one thing you’ll get all the goodies. Unless you use Google’s deal. Because it wouldn’t let me make it part of the chain when it started.

Do people still use it? I wonder if I can even get in to mine anymore…

What social things do you guys actually like, and why? I didn’t like Tumblr at first but I kind of get it now. Although I still don’t care for the commenting system, or relative lack of one. I like how I can keep an eye on fanbases like Homestucks and whatnot. You can get a general feel for what the whiniest people are tearpissing about pretty fast. Homestuck is unique for stuff I track on Tumblr because it gets blogged about hundereds of times more than anything else I like. As soon as you refresh the tag there is alsmot always 10 more posts about it. It NEVER stops. That would be pretty sweet. I mean to have a thing you made that people never stopped talking about. Especially if it was because they liked it, for the most part.


I like Twitter and Tumblr for the most part. Twitter lets pretty instant responses and conversations happen, whereas Tumblr is a great way to follow fan comics and general artists who have a habit of posting rants and wip/finished work.

I write my own code, and it draws from a ton of different accounts and views and dumps it all in one place… so it’s not that I really use any network, it’s just a bunch of data streams to me. Like… I don’t check or follow people’s stuff on fb, but it’s all archived, and it shows recent stuff in view if I reference them or if I see them face-to-face (Yay facial recognition systems!).

I have an FB and twitter account for net-side posting, because they make for constant-log commenting systems on tons of sites. But most of my networking is done directly with shared perception and instant contact tech, because of my cybernetics… I’m obviously a unique case. I also only have about twenty people I ever talk to (My girlfriend, my cybernetics group (co-workers, I suppose… but it’s a lot more than that, we’re closer to what others term friend/family bonds, and shared experiences changes relationship dynamics too…) and their SOs and a couple friends of the group).

Comic looks good, drawings are top caliber (liking the broken heart on Reggie), and the new name could be Team Failure, as a semi-subtle title drop.

Social networking? I have a Facebook I haven’t touched in a while, and that’s about it. I’m not much for the things.

I don’t use any social networking sites. Mainly because I kind of don’t need them? But also, because most of they have no respect for users’ privacy, and some of them are contributing to a trend that is threatening the structure of free internet by making walled gardens that are only accessible from their own services.

If my friends want to contact me online, they’ll use irc or email.

I never liked the reblog/retweet mechanisms. I always feel like I’m stealing content for my website, even though that is not really what is happening.

(Disclaimer: I mean with people I know. I don’t count commenting on years-old webcomic pages to be socialising. Replies are rare as legs on snakes anyway.)

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