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Alright, it took forever but I now have the ULTIMATE Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance save file.  It’s not going to do a huge amount for me early on, but as Radiant Dawn progresses I’ll be glad of it.  If my first lame attempt at Dawn is any indication I should be entertained till well after the new Pokemon remakes appear.

I played Fire Emblem so much that it actually managed to infect my dreams.  My brain was clearly trying to give me some typically weird scenario, but it was all mixed up in turn based combat and grid tactics.  That’s actually pretty rare.  The things I do don’t usually have an obvious affect on my dreams unless I overdo it right before bed.

I got to see Ponyo.  As expected it was pretty good.  Very kid oriented, but something a parent wouldn’t mind having to watch a million times if a child became obsessed with it.  At least that would be my guess.  Anyway, I enjoyed it and I’m pretty childish.


I’ve had Fire Emblem dreams before! It was fun and interesting. Ponyo is super sweet. ^.^
Jo <3

So the effect of playing that game so much was that it strongly affected your dreams? I dunno… at least you weren’t smoking weed or something. That stuff will mess you up if you already tend to have strange dreams–enough that I’m tempted to grow some to give out to would-be foes.

Congrats on finally getting the save file you want. I’ve only had two games that had stuff from a previous game’s save file (Monster Rancher 2 & Xenosaga Episode 2), and really, quality of your characters in those files didn’t matter too much.

I also saw Ponyo today. This is the second Ghibli film I’ve seen, and I must say, I want to live in a Ghibli world. Hayao Miyazaki is probably one of the greatest storytellers of our time. I’m not going to say this is far superior to Disney’s take on the Hans Christian Anderson story they’re both based on (hard to top those songs), but it did make me forget about Tina Fey in it. Having watched her on SNL and 30 Rock, I had little hope for her as a voice actor.

Finally, if I knew Brooksie, I would want to be in her movie. I’d even let her pay me in Pocky.

What a small world. Your comic almost has the same logo as mine. I was reading your strip. Good stuff. Good enough that I bought your adspace. How long have you been doing yours for?

The smoke from her cigarette is heart-shaped, and I’m not sure it that was intentional, but that is adorable.

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