I love every panel.

When Jo is comfortable, it appears she can gently snark like a champ. I hope we see this more.

Ramon isn’t gonna know what hit him.
… Should leave an impression on Evrina, too.

I remember when “The Passion” came out, some horrible, wonderful person memed a shot of the crucifixion scene with the Snickers “not going anywhere for a while?” campaign. I still giggle thinking about that one.

Maybe it’s because Roman Catholic Easter was pretty recent, and I’ve seen a few too many weird Christian oddities for sale on the internet, but…when I saw that first panel I wondered, “Is this a reference to the chocolate crucifixes you can buy?”

Well, with some noted exceptions, Christianity has matured to some extent and does have a sense of humour.
There are a few other faiths that have a funny bone.
Those I feel a modicum of grudging respect for.

The others I approach the same as you would any wildlife out in the Australian bush.

At least in the circumstances of growing up around the run of the mill Baptist church the iconography that I was exposed to was usually a plain cross (no suffering Christ) and pictures of Jesus usually involved the role of shepherd or praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. There were hellfire and damnation preachers but they usually worked the revival circuit. Of course the Baptists were also leading the charge for prohibition, blue laws and the idea that dancing leads to illicit sex. When you look at Christian iconography from the outside with a focus on the crucifixion, martyrdom, suffering and so on it kind of looks like a death cult and you wonder if there wasn’t some serious nihilism/ masochism among the early founders of the church.

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