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As is her wont Jo doesn’t go with a standard reaction here. She isn’t the most mature cast member, but in some ways I think she has a better grasp of reality than some of them. Maybe that’s what causes her anxiety. Her reaction to life has an undercurrent of fear, but Alex’s has stoicism. Of course these are only aspects of their personalities. Facets offset by whimsical hobbies & goals. I think they will make each other stronger.


Many comics seem to use a small character who is wiser than the others as a foil. (Yoda, Miracle Max)
Others abuse the small person to great effect by playing up their non-threatening stature, in the opposite way they abuse the large or tall to be threatening to others.
That is one reason why I love how you play Jo’s part here; you play her for neither the ‘Shrimp’ nor the ‘Sage’, but as a fully rounded and realized character who is yes small, and yes uses it to her advantage (stealth) but is just a real person – only not tall. And I especially appreciate your handling of Alex and Nina who (large or tall) are, again, just people and no extra drama based on size – except that which they creat themselves. (Ed and Jessica, because sibs….duh! Sibs are gonna sib, it’s what they do. With Geico you save 15%…)

This rings true. I’ve known people who grieved for the rest of their life over a lost child or a sibling.

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