1503 Bustenhalter.

These pages have never really been stand alone jokes. Some of them do work without context, but I’ve been making a continuous story from the off. I title them for the archive, but they aren’t very helpful.

I know a few foreign words for boobs, and boobs related things, as the comic title suggests.
I heard bustenhalter on an episode of Are You Being Served. I’m sure of the exact definition of some of the words, like oppai. As far as I know it has something to do with boobs, but I’m not sure if it’s the official Japanese word for boobs. Décolletage has something to do with boobs, I think, and is French, I think. I know all this stuff because it interests me and I have a lot of well read friends who also like boobs. I’ve learned a lot of this from perv osmosis. I know many very talented perverts. In case you weren’t aware, all artists are pervs. The louder they deny it, much like republicans, the worse they are. I’d much rather associate with a chill perv than a super successful straight arrow.
In a related thought, the Venn diagram of furries and perverts is almost just a circle. the people outside the almost circles are fucking tedious though. People who are just furries are annoying because they just want to be anthopamorphic animal people. To the point of it being their whole identity. That’s fucking tedious. You need to have more to your life. Mix around with the normal from time to time. The only perverts are no fun because you can’t talk about Doctor Who with them. It all comes back to pervertitude, and that gets old. You need balance in your life is what I’m saying.


I’m not sure from your entry whether you know the exact meaning of ‘Bustenhalter’ or just know it’s boob related, so I’m going to give the exact meaning. ‘Bustenhalter’ is German for ‘bra’ and literally means ‘breast-holder’. German words are usually pretty straightforward. (I speak German/am German-American.) Anyway, it’s fairly appropriate considering Brooksie is literally holding Jess’s boob. Excuse me, her boob.

Yeah, I’m familiar with German literalness. With a name like Wohlenhaus it’s hard not to be.

Right, and considering that a number of the cast have water-related surnames — e.g., Blackwell, Brooks, Lincoln means Lakeside Colony. The argument could be made that Mr. Wellhouse is obsessed with water-related names. Oddly enough, he wasn’t born under a water sign…

ahh, but “wohl” refers to well as in ” feeling good/doing well/being succesful”…… so Wohlenhaus would translate to “House of success/ succesful House” or something similar…

…. using the literal translation approach of course. If you use the historical meaning/origin approach it could mean something completely different.

Yup, German is usually quite straightforward. Until you encounter one of the many “style blossoms” (Stilblüten) where you can’t tell if it’s adorably stupid or stupidly smart.

We call a Light bulb “glow-pear” (Glühbirne), call a forward roll “tumble-tree” (Purzelbaum) and refer to bald temples as “privy council corners” (Geheimratsecken).
We get “male cat” (Kater) after drinking too much and “muscle male cat” (Muskelkater) after exercising too much.
Have you ever noticed how gloves are kinda like shoes for your hands? Well, we don’t need weed to call them “hand shoes” (Handschuhe), We’re probably naturally stoned.

Also, gendered objects. The fork with its four prongs is “female”, while the voluptuously rounded spoon is “male”. Makes perfect sense. And there is no “donkey bridge” (Eselsbrücke) to help you remember.

Haha, I know right? My favorite is the word for ‘thimble’ which is ‘Fingerhut’ literally meaning finger hat. I mean, it’s a logical name.

Me – my favorite German word is “schadenfreude” – which I am all to often guilty of…

OOOOOOoooooh, you forgot ‘praeservativen’, which has nothing to do with food, … Er… Usually. It means condoms, although the slang is to use the Geman word for ‘rubber’. Which gives Gummi-Bears a baaaaad name.

Hehe, right, good ones.

I just remembered another one… Water comes from the tap, right? Here it comes from a “water cock” (Wasserhahn).

So, what’s the surname Voellmecke mean?

Complete responsibility, as in full power over something, complete right of control? Like power of attorney? Good a guess as any.

Now that was an interesting bit of research, thanks for asking.

If the sources can be trusted, “Voellmecke” is a k-suffix variation of “Vollmar”, from the old-german “volk-mari”, which meant something along the lines of “popular among the people”.

Meh, leather gloves are more like shoes for your hands, but mittens are more like Socks for your hands, no?

and golf gloves are… wait…what? vests? what’s the point of a vest, anyways? Is it winter on your torso and summer on your arms?

Vests (waistcoats) originally had sleeves and were worn over the shirt but under the coat. Sometime in the 1700s, coats were tailored to show off the vests (often to the point of not being able to close them over the vest), which were made of expensive contrasting fabrics, and the sleeves disappeared, presumably once someone realized they didn’t need to spend the money on costly fabrics that were never seen.

They were not intended to be outerwear, which is why the design no longer makes practical sense. Its primary function now is to provide the illusion of a slimmer waistline due to the ease of tailoring and/or the little shaping belt in back.

I’m pretty sure that “chichi” and “mune” also refer to breasts in Japanese – the latter being a catch-all term for the chest reason, I think. And the former I remember from that song in Zatch Bell that the Italian guy with the duck-faced Mamodo song.
Decolletage is more referring to cleavage/the neckline of a shirt, from what I can tell. Seins is the word for breasts, but I’m not too familiar with colloquialisms, so I’d actually have to find a genuine francophone to get information better than my high school level french can supply.
The only other foreign term I can think of is baps, which is from British English, and also really fun to say. Baps.

Isn’t ChiChi the name of Goku’s love-interest/wife in Dragon Ball and DBZ?

Yes, thought to be fair, the kanji for “Father” and “Milk” can also be read the same way – and Chi-Chi is probably a reference to the latter given how many characters in Dragon Ball are named after food items.

you also forget how perverted DB and Master Roshi is/was, so it could very well be boobs or more likely both because milk comes from boobs.

Here I come !
The exact word is “décolleté”.
“Seins” is actually the word for “breasts”.
For “boobs”, there are for example “nichons”, “nibards”, “lolos”, “roploplos”, “roberts”, “loches” and “nénés”, but some are a bit old now

Frenchman to the rescue !
The word is “décolleté” and means “cleavage”. “Décolletage” is the fact of cutting a dress to make a cleavage. But it also is the process of making small piece of metal, for watchmaking for example

To my understanding, oppai does mean breasts but it’s usually used to refer to the abnormally large set. So… Hentai boobs.

As LexofGotham above me has pointed out, and I’m drawing on that part of me that I deny I have: my inner weeaboo, “oppai” specifically refers to large breasts. Not necessarily “abnormally large breasts” just “large breasts”, something with heft or bounce. Its opposite being “Pettanko” (which I probably spelled wrong), but that refers specifically to “small breasts” or “flat” if I recall correctly.

A part of me dies inside knowing that I know this shit, but it is getting increasingly harder to enjoy anime anymore. After watching so much of it as a kid, I’ve grown to see that the industry doesn’t really… grow. It is typically the same tropes over and over and over, the only difference being the gimmick of the series itself (eg: “We are in a magic world where the magic works like this […]” or “We are ninjas and our powers tap from […]”). Less and less, I find a series that is either different and interesting but still using the same formula (Monster Musume for example) or so completely out of left field weird and crazy that I can’t help but like it (One Punch Man comes to mind).

But more than that, I find it difficult nowadays to talk anime without the borderline harassment of being labelled a “weeaboo” (hence my comment at the beginning of this sorta unrelated rant), like the mere act of liking and watching anime makes me one. It is kind of an interesting topic to discuss, “What Makes a ‘Weeaboo’?” But the casual observer seems to believe that it is someone who watches anime, or more specifically that all those who watch anime with some regularity are Japan-ophiles who are obsessed with Japan culture, think it is superior to all other cultures, and think Japan is Nirvana or something, the Holy Promised Land. I am not such, but the negative attention makes me sort of shy away from the past time (that and the aforementioned lack of creativity in the industry, it’s boiled down to “broody teenagers in an action flick” or “BOOBS! BOOBS EVERYWHERE” [aka the “plot”-driven anime]… I miss stuff like Ghost in the Shell.)

Anyway, rant aside, and apologies for the long post, there’s your answer for Oppai. Remember that when you go googling. Kek kek.

teta, herrerillo, herrerillo común, carbonero garrapinos, paro, pezón
brust, titte, zitze
bryst, spene
tutte, bröstvårta, kvinnobröst
???? (oppai)

Heh, heh!

In the 1970s, the Carol Burnett (TV) Show snuck the Spanish word for [tits] past the censors, by claiming that the word,”tetas”, was the Spanish word for cookies.

It was in a funny, but weird, little play- where- Little Red Riding Hood was a sexy woman in Mexico, + she was being bothered by a bull, and not by the Big Bad Wolf.
Lots of strange lines in there:

“Beware! He wants to see your two tetas”, “He wants to smell your two tetas”, etc..

“Spene” is only used as describing the mammary glands hanging at the bottom of animal udders, though. I would definitely not try to ask a Norwegian woman if I could touch her “spener”, if I were you.

And for further details, “bryst” is basically “breast”, while “pupp” is more like “boob” or “tit” (but closer to “boob”, I’d say).

And a slang for big breasts would be “mugge”, which also means mug (the container, not the act of theft). So comparable to “huge knockers”, really.

Interestingly enough, unlike boob or tit, “pupp” is not also used to refer to someone as a fool. Or certain species of birds for that matter.

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