377 Stability.

I actually remembered a couple more dreams since I posted the last ones, but they were a little too brutal to share here, I think.  I, of course, am used to having these kinds of dreams, so I’m desensitized.  I started writing out one of them here and then stopped myself.  I was like, “this is a bit dark now that I see it on screen.  Maybe I ought not share this one”.  Then I had another zombie apocalypse dream, but it was the perfect opening for the book I want to write about zombies, so I’m keeping it to myself.  Partly because it’s brutal, and partly because it’s really long.   

I’m not sure why I have such vivid dreams so often.  It’s always been like this, and I can still remember some dreams I had when I was little too.  People used to come to me to have their dreams interpreted.  I can do that for other people, but for my own dreams not so much.  I guess dreams are kinda like faults; easier to see in others than in yourself. 


Okay if you can interprete dreams, what does a person in a zombie apocalypse who only has pillows to fight with mean :D

Crave: It means you just created a new mode for Resident Evil.

Hey, J.T.!

I think dreams are a function of age (or rather what concerns us at a given age).

F’instance. Mostly, I dream about food.

No, really.

— Doug Pearson

Before all the people with their “Vast knowledge of dream icons and interpretation ” jump on you, if you really want to interpret your own dreams, I suggest getting a book on it. I have one that has a huge list of symbols and what they could possibly mean. Of course, that doesn’t cover everything but it’s a start.

Or like seeing the obvious answer to other peoples’ life crisis, when we can’t see what to do with in our own problems

Dude i have a ream for you. was on a team of four with a blue John Mccain who had polio and could shoot lightning. We were fighting System of a Down and they summoned giant robot to kill us. I called my friend pickachu to use his uper lightning powers. Th John Mccain started beatinpeople with a wheel cahir nd a jet pack. The wierd part was it was all in pucca animation.

Crave: I don’t know what the Hell any of that means, but it’s certainly an interesting read.

The less energy you spend during he day, the less deep sleep you get which means you get more R.E.M. sleep. Which means more frequent and vivid dreams.

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