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It’s kind of strange that I’ve partitioned my brain in such a way that I can make these fucking comics even when I’m running on limited functionality. For many days now, whenever I try to sleep, something, or someone, has forced me to get all the way up to deal with their bullshit. That kind of shit is used to torture people, but even done unintentionally the result is the same. I’m existing in a state of mental fog & barely contained fury. I also feel like I’m forgetting to do things that I can’t remember. If I’m forgetting something to do with you. I’m sorry. I’m getting along as best I can, but my effectiveness is greatly reduced.


Ok, now I’m interested in the story about when Thomas fell for that. This seems like it could lead to shenanigans.

On another note, I hope you get your sleep schedule back on track Jackie. Sleep deprivation is no joke, as no doubt you know better than anyone right now. On the risk of repeating what’s been said over and over in these last few days here, if you need to take a break from the comic, please don’t hesitate to do so.

I can only speak for myself, but going from the many other comments saying the same thing, I believe I can say we the fans care for your wellbeing and health. Please don’t burn yourself out (or at least not more than how things are now). We’ll be waiting.

Here’s hoping for the best, and that you get your emotional peace back too.

Jeff Foxworthy’s wife: Does this dress make me look fat?

Jeff Foxworthy’s mouth: Does this face make me look stupid?

That’s because his answer is “No. No it isn’t.”

And that’s not a winning statement, no matter how true, to make one friends.

That said, lots of desperate people out there, so it could make the money if she’s willing to do things for those fans.

I see Brooksie as a member of the tiny heiney club.

In my working life I found that Post it notes served well as an external memory. 15-20 notes and a whiteboard helped me to keep up with minions and projects

And based on picture to go vote on TopWebComics (which fans should be doing), she also belongs on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

I wind up having to tell people that I will not respond to anything other than emergencies to get time for uninterrupted sleep sometimes. If you have to do it don’t feel like you owe the people around you your help or company at all times. You need to take care of yourself damnit. They know that and they need to respect your personal time. You spend quite a bit of time dealing with their stuff, it is time for them to back off a bit and let you deal with your own things.

Seriously, give the people around you a 2 day warning before your next day off, then just turn off the phone and your alarm and sleep in until you wake up because your body refuses to sleep anymore. Take a long ass shower, have a huge comfort food breakfast and just take the day at your speed. Nothing wrong with that, and you do deserve it. And anyone who refuses to respect that deserves it if you wind up telling them to piss off for a day.

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