958 I’m Out.

There’s a storm a brewin’, so if this post just stops it’s because I lost net access and couldn’t post. Doesn’t look too bad though. There were dust devils all in the feilds behind the house though.

Moments after I typed that line the power went out for about an hour. XD

I have a gripe about the 3DS. No shocked gasps? Fair enough… Here’s the thing, the gameboy games you can download for it are black and white. That’s it. It bothers me that they couldn’t be bothered to instal a Super Gameboy style color changer. I mean c’mon, Nintendo. I know you don’t care about the purity of the original gaming experience. Why are you forcing people to play Kirby’s Pinball Land in drab shades of Gameboy?

It’s also a damn shame that other pubishers aren’t getting behind the 3DS, or for that matter the DSi, download service. And by other publishers I mean ones that don’t suck. I know there are a ton of nobody companies flooding the thing with turdware. Fully downloadable SNES classics from every publisher. The time is now. Demon’s Crest, Super Castlevania 4, Super Punch Out, Metroid 3 er, Super Metroid. I know the 3DS can handle it. And for the love of Mario make the fucking things bootable from the memory card! If you aren’t going to give your system sufficient memory to hold games then at least make them BOOTABLE FROM THE FUCKING MEMORY CARD YOU DICKS! Don’t make me sort data for an hour trying to decide what I want to play. It’s a pick up and play device… I shouldn’t have to be telling Nintendo this. I make draws, and yet I still know better than to pull this bonehead stuff. W T^T W They took the port out for GBA games two systems ago. Locking away a huge catalog of great games. Including a GBA remake of Kirby’s Adventure. A fantastic remake of it. On the 3DS download service you can get a 3d version of the NES game. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! What sense does that make!?

Nintedo is the most abusive relationship in my life. Not bad, all things considered…


I still has me old DS with a permanent Harvest Moon GBA cartridge embedded in it…
(It’s not reeeeeally permanent… I just refuse to take it out…)

Me too, actually. More or less, anyway, it’s the only GBA game I still really play.

FoMT or MFoMT? I used to have both, but then lost them at the same time and have only bothered to replace FoMT so far.

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town. I also have the original SNS one, BTN and Harvest Moon For Girls (BTN with a girl. Japanese only.). I got MFoMT because it is closest to For Girls and after my translating skills went south, I wanted to see what they were actually saying.
I had the PS3 one but I just can’t get behind anything in 3D so I got rid of it.
Have you played the Rune Factory ones? I thought they would be awesome… Coupling 3 of my favorite things together– dungeon crawling rpgs, Pokemon (kinda), and Harvest Moon– but I hated it. -_-; Too much to do, really…

That’s not a terrible prize, considering where they work. Especially if they can tack those discounts on top of their employee discount, if they get one.

They’ve got games, books, DVDs, all sorts of stuff.

Flex hours aren’t bad either.

As for the download service on the 3DS, I’m kind of glad it’s having trouble. I’m still not 100% on board with the whole “no hard copy” thing, because (while it’s undeniable convenient, especially for people living in rural areas like me) it effectively kills the second hand market. Buy or sell a used DS card? No problem. But try to offload your download, and you’re in trouble. I’m trying to go straight and move away from emulators and roms and other unscrupulous practices, but I can’t really afford to buy all my games new either, so what am I going to do in a few years if I can’t get stuff from eBay or GameStop?

Ebay is one thing, but Gamestop has terrible used pricing. It’s practically insulting.

Depends on the game though… a lot of games that weren’t “big” for whatever reason are dirt-cheap. I found King’s Field, probably my favorite PS2 title, for two or three bucks. Knowing then what I do know, I would’ve dropped fifty on the thing without a second thought.

Only on FPS shooters and the sort of thing that has a die-hard fanbase. Since I live under a rock and don’t bother even looking for games more than once every six months or so, I head down to Gamestop, find the chica behind the counter with the Mario tattoos, and tell her to load me up on every decent used deal they’ve got. I usually walk away with a couple dozen titles, each costing me less than ten bucks. Patience is really all you need.

Yeah, me and some freinds have a habit of bargain hunting in stores like that. We’ve found really good games at laughably low prices. I bought basicly the entire black isle library of games for about 20 bucks. As long as you’re not after something popular it isn’t bad at all. Found alot of old goodies. Mwahahaha.

I agree, though, that the 3DS thing is terribly handled. Yet another reason I never bothered getting one. Though it’s probably worth it for people not quite in my specific situation. (the screen makes it painfull for me to play on the thing due to my eyesight being a bit whacky). Didn’t they havy a memmory card thing for the old DS that was used something like that? the whole saving games thingy that they SHOULD’VE done that is? Or am I just remembering wrong?

It’s a bit of a yell-out-arch-nemesis-name-in-rage moment for me to remember that the GBA games are locked out though. SO. MANY. GREAT. GAMES!

Well, I don’t buy used stuff from them that much. When I do, it’s almost always on clearance or like Aita said, stuff that’s cheap anyway because it isn’t in demand.

And I NEVER sell my games to them, THOSE prices are the insulting ones.

Couldn’t agree more on that point.

One of the coolest things was when the guys at my gamestop told someone selling a mint copy of Radiant Silvergun years ago, and the guys told him “I can’t, in good conscience, let you sell that to us… it’s worth at least two hundred dollars to collectors”.

They guy said he wanted to get rid of it, because it was haunted… I bought it for two hundred on the spot (“I ain’t ‘fraid o’ no ghost!”), and resold it for four a few days later to a friend who saw it in my collection. They thanked me for buying it and giving the guy something closer to what he deserved~

@Crave and cixelsyD: I thank you two for getting me to buy Pokemon Conquest. On the other hand, my Harvest Moon cart hates y’all now.

Yay Archtus! Glad you picked it up. Honestly, it truly is one of the few recent ones that was done right.

And don’t forget to google “Conquest Passwords” and you can find a bunch of really cool things. One thing to remember on that though, is you can only use the password once per save. (If you wonder what that means, you will see ;-))

I have. Too bad you can only link once per battle/per warrior. Was going to link two more eevees with the hero.

Don’t do it, Carol! You have so much to live for!

As for Nintendo, it’s like an abusive significant other. They’ll beat you up all the time, then apologize for it. And naturally, you go back to them, because you still love them and what they offer, but you know deep down they are just going to slap you again…

XD I almost wrote that very thing about Nintendo.

I think the worst bit is that you can make an 8$ adapter (As long as you have the ability to program the chip, the tools are a bit more costly… I don’t actually have any idea about your technical knowledge nor what “most people” have anymore) that can allow a DS/3DS to be able to run gameboy games. I realized then that lack of backwards compatibility was a cash grab, and it’s obnoxious…

They’re not the first to do that though. PS3 is “not backwards compatible” oficially. But the only thing that prevents it from running PS2 games is a small laser-reading block that you can physicly remove if you open the thing up. How’s that for cashgrab? didn’t even put any effort into it.

A bit less interesting considering the PS3 can run all PS2 games digitally…

My big issue is Sony making every user choose between OtherOS and playing updated games… that’s where I’m pissed. But hey, at least they aren’t M$, breaking the dev’s arms for patch rights, requiring a submission fee for games to be authorized (Sony has to vet the developer, not the game itself), and making some of the worst controllers ever (Mechanically… they fall apart around 250 hours without fail… I own a 360, but it’s been in it’s box for the past two years, because it’s largely useless).

The Wii isn’t much better, with it’s meh controllers and motion control and the like… and SSBB is a travesty, while the first two were amazing. It’s not that it’s bad, as a system, is that no one who developed for it really gave a damn. Sonic Colours is probably it’s best offering.

So I’ll stick to my modded consoles, my PC, and my pre-ordered OUYA once it gets here. Maybe I’ll just build something for AugR via my wearable… pok√©mon MMO for those of us who want to be the very best?

I’m not sure what problem you’re having — with the exception of DSiWare, which has had to be in the system’s memory to be playable since, well… the DSi, all of my 3DS eShop games and Virtual Console games run directly from my SD card — not the system memory — so space isn’t an issue for those. It’s only an issue for my DSiWare. So I keep a select few DSiWare games in the system memory, and the rest are archived on the SD card for when I really want to play them.

As for the digital downloads of full 3DS games… I’m happy that Nintendo is providing the option, but I think I’m going to stick to the physical game cards. Granted, I told myself that for the PSP as well, but it certainly is convenient not having to cart a bunch of UMDs around. On the other hand, I hope that the digital distribution option encourages some of the companies who are hesitant to bring Japanese games to the US to bring them out via digital distribution. (I’m looking at you, Capcom… I want my Ace Investigations 2!)

If you’re out of space for your eShop/Virtual Console games, just buy a larger SD card. They’re pretty cheap. The system will support up to a 32GB card. I’m using a 16GB card I’ve had lying about for a bit. I have every demo currently available on the eShop on my card, as well as several other games and Virtual Console titles, and I have the space to store all of them several times over. It wasn’t hard to copy the data from my old 2GB SD card to the new one, either.

My main complaint with the 3DS is that it does not have the basic utilities such as the clock and alarm, that the older DS systems include. Yeah, they’re probably not that popular as features, but they are still mighty useful to have.

“Steel Diver” is kind of a fun diversion, though.

I’ve used them a bit.

I kept my DS on Nevada time when I visited Australia, so that I could always know what time it was back home without having to do the math. I don’t always have my phone or a watch on me, so I’ll use the DS sometimes for that.

I’ve used the alarm clock quite a bit. Usually, not as an alarm clock but more like a kitchen timer, to let me know when to do something or stop doing something, but I’ve used it as an actual alarm clock at least once or twice.

I dunno if it got caught, but on #957 first panel, says “I didn’t **relize** everyone was so competitive!”

The comments didn’t seem to take notice, but just to be safe I’ll make mention of it here, on the newest page.

All hail the grammar nazi! O.O/

Whups, I forgot to say “THOMAS says ‘….'” Hows that for grammarness?

And I apparently forgot my name, because this is the internet and that matters, keeheehee.

No Carol!!! Don’t pull the trigger!
You have so much to live for, like watching Reggie’s spectacular next failure!

Personally, I prefer the original NES version of Kirby’s Adventure to the later remake, perhaps because it did so much with so little.

Oh, as for Nintendo’s recent abusive behaviour, consider the “Wii Minus” – the Wii included in certain bundles from 2011 which lacks Gamecube support, Gamecube memory card slots, and Gamecube controller ports. I was unable to return it after purchase because the retailer wrapped it up with a promotional deal that involved a gift card I immediately used. There is no explicit indication of the change, although if you look at the orientation of the “Wii” name on the device, you can see it before you buy.

Yeah, it’s related to the lack of backwards compatibility of the WiiU with the Wii… yeah, you can use your Wii-motes, but who would want to?

The the new wii design looks different, its more than just a logo change. They dropped gamecube support but started bundling free games.


They removed gamecube support because at this point theres plenty of used Wiis available and almost anybody buying a new one at this point probably doesn’t own gamecube games (and if you’ve kept your gamecube this long, don’t sell it now =p)

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