959 DOA.

I don’t know if any of you have directed your gaze towards the underblog recently, but you’ll find there a fan question answered by Nina. Someone on twitter asked if I would do them, and the answer is, obviously, yes. In my own time, of course. If you have a question you’d like to pose to a specific cast member you can do it in the comments, through email, facebook fanpage, Tumblr, or any other way you can think of to contact me. Be warned, however, that methods that don’t allow me to save questions, or ones where they get moved down the page over time, are more likely to get lost. Anyway, links to all of those things are at the top of the page. On the links bar. I may as well tell you now that no one will answer questions concerning the plot of the comic, so no sneaky spoilers.

I need to get myself a new chair. I have a few chairs I rotate in and out of service depending on what part of my body they are making hurt, but one of them broke. I fixed it as best I could, but it’s just not right anymore. Part of the frame split along a screw hole. I don’t have the tools available to actually fix such a problem. I had an office chair for a while, but the arm part broke off one day and it turns out that the arms hold the back of the chair on. Which struck me as a bit of a design flaw. If the arm weren’t so important I could have salvaged the chair, but alas, it was not to be. So I’m down to my main chair. It’s fine, but you can’t sit in it for as long as it takes to make a comic page. Even if I get up every hour or so it slowly murders my hinder. Generally speaking you want to be murdered fast, I think. Get it over with quick like. Being stabbed to death with a spoon would be a remarkable heinous way to go. In any event I need to chair shop. It’s the kind of task you just can’t delegate. Tests need to be performed that only the sitter can do.

The last time I delegated the task my mother ended up with a very nice new chair… and my problem was not solved. I just split the work between 3 old chairs. XD


Speaking of chairs. One of the most comfortable I have gotten recently was a mesh chair with 7 to 9 points of articulation. It is my gaming chair, my reading chair, my lounging chair, my Captain’s chair, and it would be my eating chair if I was truly lazy.

It was around 60 bucks and found at office depot.

I am a larger dude, 5’11 240lbs if that helps for size reference.

Huh, usually, when it comes to the webcomics I read, there is usually a question or five I can think to ask the characters, but, to be honest, I can’t think of any for ANY of these characters. I find myself so much more abnormal, strange, weird, creepy, and just plain crazier than any of these characters. These characters are… NORMAL! And I don’t think normal.

But if I had a piece of advice for any of them, I would say that Jo shouldn’t be ashamed of her inherit abnormalities, she should embrace them, be proud of them, FLAUNT THEM! Someone as plain looking as me would KILL for interesting physical features, I wouldn’t care if I’m mocked, at least I wasn’t NORMAL! I like abnormality, and between her encyclopedic knowledge of movies and movie culture, and her interesting physical traits, I would be VERY into her….. the smoking however… is a turn off. But I would definately say that she should embrace her difference!

So speaks the voice of Chaos.

I’d never gone chair shopping before, being of the opinion that chairs were pretty much .. chairs. However – I DID go in and just out of curiosity, I sat in several chairs.

Oh my.

About six chairs in, I found The Chair. I’ve had it about two years now and it never fails to please me when I sit on it. I’ve had to recover the arms (must have been some inferior naugas that went into making my naugahyde arm covers) once, but it’s SO nice.

Soo .. yes .. never EVER delegate the hunt for The Chair.

For all chairs are not created equal. So sayeth the gods.

Mine is a very nice Lane I got on sale at Staples for less than $200.

So…..what is the protocol for questioning the characters? I have not found this question and reply from Nina. Need input.

I’m not sure what you mean by protocol. The response from Nina is on the main page in the underblog.

Main page…..Underblog…..!?!? Ok, as if to a child, please explain. Is the underblog your narrative under the comic? If so, which is the “main page”. Sorry to bother, but yes, I really am that stupid.

If you go to the main site, betweenfailures.net, it loads the base version of the site. The comic and main blog are the top part. If you scroll down you’ll see a break in the page where there is a secondary blog. I call it the underblog. It is seperate from the comic blog. That’s where I put extra stuff.

Just got back from holiday and caught up on the strips, just need to ask if there is a possibility of you doing a wallpaper of the middle panel of this page.

Reggie’s going to need the Med-Evac helicopter for that one.

Unrelated: I’ve had compound fractions in my face before. True story.

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