1357 Hammer Time.

It’s probably safe to say that Evrina hasn’t encountered someone with as strong a will as hers in a while. Alex has let several mean spirited things slide across her with little more than a grimace, and the rest of the group has basically been stunned into silence. In this situation Reggie is that most dangerous of creatures, the one with nothing to lose. Additionally he’s the kind of person who would want to bring down horrible retribution on anyone who doesn’t get the job done. He’s only going to turn the other cheek as much as it takes to increase the force of his counterattack. In that moment he relishes the brutality of the action. Feels the thrill of hurting someone else as much, or more than, they hurt you. It can be a very intoxicating feeling. The bully’s high, if you will.
All of this, when looked at from a distance, illustrates the fog that exists in most situations. Someone is bullied and they lash out. Sometimes against the aggressor, sometimes against an easier target. The feeling of weakness and helplessness spurs them on. Virtually every person will play both parts at least once in their lives.



There’s only one outcome of this I would be really satisfied with.

Evrina falls in love. Or gets really turned on, either way.

I would think for it to make sense for the others, despite how much of a female dog she might be, to come to her aid. I mean, that was more than a little harsh.

Shit, I forgot Reggie doesn’t play any games when people start slinging insults.

Yeah, and what’s worse is that he doesn’t so much get mean as he just gets brutally honest. It makes what he says harder to ignore and let slide off.

Well great now I almost feel bad for her.
Great job with the expressions you terrible monster making me feel things

Throwing around insults, like you were throwing around angry rattlesnakes, can really swing around and bite you like a sonnuva b*tch, can’t it?

Wow. I REALLY didn’t expect Reggie to strike back this strongly. Go Reggie!

John is being pushed into the background again… in fact, he’s not even in the reaction shots for the last several posts. I was really enjoying him taking the top dog position so much lately. Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky and he is being purposefully kept in reserve so that he will have more awesome impact shortly for coming out of the blue.

Can’t avoid to think that blow was too low, she seems to be an asshole but I still think Reggie made it too personal, really intrigued with what’s going to happen next.

Well to be fair. She showed up, started insulting strangers and her friends, and was overall a complete and utter waste of a human being as far as I could see. She earned that brutal scorn.

No way. They were already told by everyone how much they basically couldn’t stand her. They do however have a very small group, so likely put up with her.

Reggie has been verbally sparring with Thomas and Carol for years at this point. Evrina didn’t have a chance. John is even worse due to the fact that Thomas specifically seeks him out to antagonize him. Hopefully John’s good nature will save Evrina from a one-two verbal K.O. from them both.

I can’t decide whether I want to watch this, or run and hide.

I’ll be watching from behind the couch.

I don’t think Reggie was being too harsh. If someone I didn’t know at all walked into a room and started antagonizing me like that I’d rip them to shreds. People who act like they can dominate anyone they meet drive me crazy. In fact, if Carol had tried her little intro trick with me I’d probably hate her at first too.

Ok, so she comes in, going to dominate the scene, and gets her ass handed to her since he’s not threatened by social BS. Now HE’S the bully? No, she intended to be the bully but not this time.

Dang, this almost makes me feel bad for Evrina. I kind of want to hug her in panel 3.

Not I. She asked for it. Reggie’s reply is a brilliant one, and legitimate self-defense. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

While part of me applauds Reggie’s retort here, I think he is getting so close to “too far” that he can smell its breath. If someone doesn’t step in as mediator here (John or Alex most likely) they are both going to keep going and I don’t want to see that. Hopefully, Evrina gets cut off before she brings even more vitriol and they both get a little scolding. This is starting to get too personal.

Anyone remember a very special video, The event after the gentleman says “That’s the wrong number” That’s pretty much the reaction I had.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to use wit and intelligence to win a verbal-fight without resorting to swearing.

I’ve done this before, online, but often find it difficult to organize my thoughts for that sort of face to face confrontation.

When I have been able to do so, my remarks are often as scathing, if not more so than Reggie’s. On a personal scale of burns, 1 to 10, I’d honestly have to rate that burn at about a 3. The last level 8 I used was with a now ex-girlfriend who’d been cheating on me. Apparently, I’d taken the situation much more seriously than her, even after I’d invited her to move in with me. She’d already paid for her first half of that month’s rent.

After I caught her in bed with another guy on the day I was going to help her move, I shook my head and smiled as I left, her screaming at my back. Later I gave her a chance to explain, after I’d cooled down. As she really had no explaniation, I said that this wasn’t going to work without truth, and as she was incapable of being honest, it was best we break things off and reflect on what had happened. I then returned her half of the rent deposit in quarters. She asked why I did that. I answered, “So you can call someone who’ll believe you in the future.”

While Evrina certainly has character flaws I do feel somewhat sorry for her. I get the impression that a large part of her attitude is to make up for insecurities or other issues she does have, and while that doesn’t mean she should be allowed to run rampant I do feel that such a low blow as this could rather hurt her as well. In the end while she is being a jerk about it she is also attempting to protect the club she is a part of and that is clearly important to her. It’s a tricky situation, but I really don’t think she’s so bad a person as some people see her. While she’s certainly been pretty crass since she arrived if you consider how Carol, Reggie, or even Thomas act around certain characters she’s hardly the monster some people make her out to be.

Regardless of her inner life, she came across as a bully. And Reggie being Reggie, he responded exactly as we have come to expect. In fact, he far more respectful of her than she deserved. His language was restrained; he didn’t call names or cuss. He was just to the point and brutally honest.

I just went back through the strips with Ervina. She has behaved like a total arsehole and Reggie’s response to her was understated, if anything.

The five stages of my reaction:

First: Ouch. Damn, Reggie. Cold as ice.

Second: I’m such a sucker for sad eyes! PLS STAHP.

Third: Wait. She was a dick. Like, a totally unabashed buttmunch.

Four: High five, Reggie! WOOT!

Five: Now kissssssssssss.

This is going to end in anger and tears. There is no other way.

It may come to kisses, though certainly not tonight. Evrina will leave in sham but the two will meet again in Megatainment (I think that’s what the store is called). First Reggie apologises for the 3rd degree burn, then Evrina apologises for being a bitch, THEN kisses.

So now that Reggie’s disdain for their little club has been revealed, what’s his sister’s next move? Sneak out and hope that nobody outs her?

I don’t think so. The only one that might do that just got shrekt. I actually see her reveling herself at this point if it comes to that…

This is officially my first time rooting for Reggie since I started reading this comic. Go Reggie! Go Reggie! That’s the best possible come-back he could’ve had.

3 months from now I expect the two of them will be having crazy monkey sex, likely in crazy monkey suits!

It always seems that once two people, typically of opposing sex, see each other at the most vile and meanest they can be, will often wind up in a relationship together. They’ve seen each other at their worst, everything else is up hill from there.

Usually this is not my impression but this time, while Reggie is being WAY too brutal for my tastes (however understandably so), nonetheless, he looks incredibly hot in that last panel of him. Actually, in both panels of him.

I do feel sorry for Evrina, but at the same time, she really did bring it on herself. If being told off by someone she never has to see again helps her to realize that that aggressive bitchy persona isn’t always the ideal one for every situation, it may actually be a net positive.

“…he looks incredibly hot in that last panel of him. Actually, in both panels of him.”

I’ll be honest, ever since Maddison and Bridgette started drooling over him and since John has googoo eyes for his sister that looks very similar (and who I feel would be quite the cutie), I can’t stop seeing Reggie as hot. I always thought he was attractive, sure, but now everytime I see him I can’t help seeing him as HOT.

Methinks Reggie’s sister has been on the receiving end of his sharp tongue before – which, perhaps, is why she does not want to reveal herself to him at this point. Then again, so far in the comic I’ve never noticed him unleashing his bile on a defenseless person. Carol is certainly not defenseless, neither is Ed, nor Thomas nor Nina. Evrina may look defenseless now, but she certainly came into the fight thinking she was fully armed – only to find out she brought a pea-shooter to counter a .50 Browning Machine Gun.

Oh god…whatever happens now…meh, let’s do it…

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