2247 Date With Dadstiny.

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I don’t think I did my monthly reminder for people to consider supporting the comic via Patreon or Subscribestar. With the never ending lockdown I’m slowly bleeding subscribers. There may be no helping it. People are just in dire straights & I’m superfluous to plan. I’ve lost two patrons to death so far. I don’t know for sure if it was covid, or something else. It may actually be as high as 5 but I can’t verify that. I only have verifiable reports for 2. With the addition of the holidays I may simply have to accept that it’s lean times for the foreseeable future. It does seem like whenever I begin to trend upward there’s always some act of god that passes over like a dark cloud & sets me back again. A lot of people feel that way I expect, especially now.
I’m lucky in that my small business doesn’t require a physical location, but it does do better in a healthy economy. In any case I may have mentioned this early in the month, but I can’t remember. I’m used to hearing this pitch on youtube with every video, so twice a month seems well within reason.
The idea of merch has been floated, but I’ve never had much luck with it. That was over a decade ago so maybe another try is worth looking in to. Anyway, I expect I’ll muddle through somehow, but taking a moment to mention it is probably a wise business decision.


hell yea man do some merch. We’re here to support you, you just keep doing your thing and being awesome

I second that. You have a lot of fans Jackie that would love to support this comic anyway they can. Mech would be a great idea.

Maybe a series of side (or back) stories through Gumroad, in script form or descriptive text form if writing is easier than the art, with or without sketches or vignette illustrations. You could also repurpose these sketches as the the starting point for a piece of Patreon art, or use your existing art as a takeoff point for a small story. I’d buy and download little story pieces involving the characters.

There was Julius Drywood (or smth like that) story at some point but it was too time-consuming. There problem here is creating more content requires more time. Creating merchs on the other side has normally a better money/time ratio

Merchandise is a good idea and since you already have illustrations having a print service print them on demand would do no harm. A Nina or Jo body pillow, a Reggie coffee mug with a smart quote, a snarky t-shirt with Tom… the possibilities are endless. You could even do memes “Between Failures” style. And then go 3d for 3d printable figurines if people are in to collectables of the cast – you don’t need to have them printed, you could charge for the download of the file. Anyway once the design is done and uploaded you don’t really have to do much and can add to your library.

Any other B.F. lady characters besides Nina and Jo for body pillows would double the availability of plus sized character body pillows on the Otaku/weabo market overnight.

I’m betting the purists might cry Amerie as webcomics ain’t technically Anime. (despite a lot of contractors being in South Korea and overseas)

I’m thinking the page header up at the top would make an excellent T-shirt, and would take very little extra work to swing. A little Teespring, et voila, souffle!

I enjoyed the use of the blue and green boxes for texting between the blue-eyed Alex and green-eyed Reggie.

Alex handling herself impressively in front of Reggie’s dad? Even though I’m a lapsed Catholic from the Eastern elite (geographically, not socially, or economically), I look forward to all the social constructs I’ve learned about in Sinclair Lewis and Booth Tarkington novels coming into play.

In addition, Alex’s So not a traditional date then is a subtle hoot.

Makes me wonder what her dating life has been like beforehand; we already know that thanks to the Megatainment gang (and assorted friends) she’s changed to being much more social lately.

Man, I wouldn’t be getting through this shit without my regular webcomics fix.

Unfortunately most of the ones I follow are only weekly (or less :( ) on their updates.

Between Failures, QC, Girl Genius, and Housepets! are the only ones that regularly update at least three times a week and are dependable. So I’ll be supporting all you guys til I die, or the comics (or, I suppose the internet itself) die.

I can’t afford anything right now, but back when I could I definitely would have bought a T-shirt with an amalgam of strip 7 on it. The “loud kicky noise” picture with caption, “psychological warfare should always begin at the door”.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

Question: since Patreon and I don’t get along (or disgus for that matter) can you do PayPal? Asking for a friend….

Big Clive has circuit board files and Big Clive image files available to download-free I think, but a donation is appreciated,maybe customary. Because shipping is unreasonable where he is. Maybe if you had some particular images-maybe certain comic panel files all set up for t shirt or mug printing and a very prominent donation hootus nearby, it might work. I realize some of the downsides, but it shouldn’t require much outlay, and people could request certain panels, maybe with different text, and you could make them available for everyone maybe with the name of the original/first requester mentioned. And have some option for those of us without paypal.

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