684 You Specifically.

I almost forgot what day it was because of Halloween. XD

All things considered Wes is handling Carol pretty well. People like her tend to be all talk, and if you can gain their respect they become staunch allies. Which is pretty clearly illustrated by her comments about Ed. Of course things can backfire and then you end up with a nemesis that will never cease attempting to make your life miserable. I’ve experienced both… and been both. XD

I finished Shantae the other night and was really sad about it. I wanted that game to go on a lot longer. I hope Wayforward does some more of that traditional platforming stuff. They made one solid game. Makes me wish I had been able to get the original back in the day. It would be cool if they started offering older Gameboy games for download on the DSi download thingy. I could get in to that for sure.

I’ve still been playing Dragon Quest 9. I’ve only gotten a map as high as level 70, so the challenge level is a little low. I did find a few that are rich in metal slimes though. My team is very well rounded and I can switch them around to different jobs to tackle different bosses. I still really want to get a hold of some of the other legacy maps and stuff. I’ve taken the DSi with me several time and never met a single other person with tag mode on. I fear the American midwest is just too vast…

I’ve been seeing commercials for Fable 3 that make it look really cool. I loved the first one, but never had a chance to play 2, and it doesn’t look like 3’s chances are any better. I’m so far outside the loop I don’t even know what 360 version would be best if I could get one. At this point all I know is that based on what I’ve heard the 360 is the better choice for me over the PS3. Most of the games I like the look of are cross platform, and the bulk of exclusives I like are on the Xbox. No matter how you slice it though the prices of everything seem brutal after being away from the mainstream so long.


360 recommend +1. I’m not a huge gamer though. I play the guitar hero’s and the lego games, and that’s about it. My reason for the 360 was different that most other peoples though.
The remote for it is infra red, not bluetooth – so my universal remote can control it.
I’m primarily a media watcher – i either download all the tv/movie i want to watch, or i use media center. the xbox is an awesome media player OOTB, and is a media center extender as well.
If my tv is on, the xbox is on, coz jsut about everything i do is via the console.
And of course, the 360 was cheaper.
And now there’s kinect coming (so screw the universal remote, imma just talk at my console and tell it what to do :)

Woah, what happened to Carol? She looks… Totally different.

Totally different compared to what? She’s the least consistent character of the cast. You have to give me more to work with.

maybe her hair is shorter? i don’t seem to remember being able to see so much of her forehead… I’m reaching though

Well for one thing, her face is more angular now

You think? Compared the when? It’s in keeping with stuff from a few months ago.

Pay no mind to the hatorade. Your art is great and constantly improving, there’s no need to worry too much about staying “on model”.

Well, I want her to look like her. I certainly think these concerns could be valid. I’m getting them from many trusted sources. There’s no question that things have changed in general.

Well the main things I’m seeing (compared to past strips like /archive/438-i-dont-know/) is that her hair is less poofy, and less in her eyes from the left hand three-quarters angle view; the curls in front of her ears are no longer black; and her eyes are rounder here. I don’t think any of these are bad, but if you want to go for a more “classic” Carol look, those are the most prominent changes.

First, i WOULDN’T call this a “concern”. You’re saying it like it’s a bad thing. It’s not.

Artwork and art style evolve. We’d probably still be reading Questionable Content if the artist’s style never changed, but change has made that comic better. And change will make yours better too. You still did the best switch from B&W to color I’ve seen in a comic.

Second, I thought Carol was starting to grow her hair out, not get it clipped. Perhaps moving toward that “long-haired Carol” pic you did a while back.

Interesting that you chose that episode 438 Carol to compare her to. Surprisingly enough, I think that is my favorite Carol (in work clothes) to date.
Sorry Crave, if this is a stone in your garden, but I have to be honest here.

Not at all, things were really starting to get out of control about that point though. I’m trying to settle in to a new happy place with everyone and Carol is always so hard to get how I want.

I got a free 260 a while back when Halo 3 came out. A friend of mine (sort of a Wes type, actually) was working at a Game Stop that had a drawing for some reason I didn’t care to remember (some anniversary or local celebration or some junk. I can never keep track of that kind of thing), but employees couldn’t enter it, so he put my name in. I got a call about it (after he was fired, too), and took the E train down to pick it up. I then picked up some games to go with it (y’know, so I could use it for something), and promptly spent the next ten hours playing the Uno demo that came with it. The one thing I’ve never done to it is hook it up to the internet. I don’t care much for first person shooters aside from the classic (and largely defunct) four player split screen (Monkey tag!) I occasionally use it for DvDs (since I no longer have a player), and when the PS3 first came out, that was what I wanted it for (cheaper than a Blu Ray player, AND it plays games). Of course, now you can get a Blu Ray player for under $100, so the only reason I need a PS3 is for MGS4, and that’s getting old now. Most console games that come out anymore I don’t even bother with. Fallout New Vegas had ‘issues’, and a downloadable solution, but I don’t connect to the net via X-Box, so that’s an extra hassle for me. Almost every game out there has some sort of DLC before a Game of the Year edition that includes it, and by then its an old game (re: everyone I know is playing something else). …

Man I miss the days when being a game nerd meant you could be an anti-social loser in private.

While you might not be able to find a copy of the GBC Shantae, there is an alternative.
On the Shantae website, they posted a link in the blog to a YouTube playlist of “Let’s Play Shantae!”
Fifty nine videos, in which the person recording plays through the entire game from start to finish, and gives commentary as he does so.

The 3DS was announced to have a Virtual Console shop for Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. (And I believe Advance, but don’t hold me to that.) Fingers crossed, huh?

…also, trying to put my finger on why Carol seems so different. I think it’s in part because her hair seems thinner and differently placed. Or is that the curl in front of her ear is red instead of the usual dark…that may be it too.

That would be sweet. I drag my feet but always end up loving Nintendo’s new handhelds.

Her hair has been a problem for me since the first day. I have never figured out how to draw her facing her left. I keep changing it to try and work it out, but so far no luck. I started depicting the hair curl as red because people are getting confused about her hair color. It’s all read, but the dark parts are a hold over from the black and white. I was going to depict it as a dark red, but just decided to make it the same shade as her other hair. The parts shown as black are really supposed to be a very deep reddish brown that her hair fades to.

The quick answer is: “Excellent, more time spent in the company of such a beautiful and intelligent woman.” Throws people off all to heck when you compliment them when they’re insulting you.

The wii for some reason people forget you can surf the net and use a usb keyboard on that doesn’t require driver software. Plus you have netflix on wii and most netflix stuff isn’t in hd anyway and lets face it most stuff will never be on hd because honestly will a tv series from 1980 be converted and look any different in HD. No it’s the larger screen size that people think makes the hd tvs look better since half of all hd owners never put in the hd cables or have hd service.

I love my Wii, but I have no desire to use it for anything other than playing sweet games. i have other devices to screw around on the net with.

I think the difference is that Crave has been getting more and more liberal with how chubby Carol is and how big her breasts are to get her closer to his initial vision of her.

It gave me the warm fuzzies when she said that about Ed. My friends are the world to me, the ones I trust are everything to me. So she got massive points in my book.

Bout time, she’s not a very sympathetic character. Some people don’t like her at all.

I have liked her from the moment she tagged Ed as the weakest lincoln. It is just a shame they had to get off to such a rocky start. But, that is sometimes how the strongest friends are made.

I always assume the first rule in training a dragon is to not have your dragon eat you.

I missed Carol, she’s my favorite, so I’m glad to see her again. Reggie’s empire is in trouble if he’s not around to train his trainee yet.
If this does get posted, this is the third time I tried to post a comment, lol.

I’m not sure why the filter tagged this. It didn’t even have a link in it. Hopefully now that I approved the first one you won’t have any more trouble.

this is probably one of the greatest web comics ever shown to the world. i started reading about a week ago and i caught up with the story in about a day. its just so enthralling. thank you for such a great thing.

I have to second the recommendation for the 360, if you’re looking purely at gaming. I use it a lot more than my PS3 or my Wii. And there are a ton of great games out there for cheap… I picked up Fable 2 myself for about $10 a while back, and it was the Platinum Hits version with all the DLC preinstalled. Plus the Halos and Mass Effect games are pretty great. The only thing the PS3 really has over 360 is Blu-Ray. Oh, and Move, I guess, but if you’re looking for motion controls stick with the Wii. Kinect is a joke and Move seems like it’s being treated as an afterthought by most devs. (I was hoping the Time Crisis collection would be worth the purchase but from what I hear it’s really poorly implemented).

I have no interest in the gimmicky motion stuff. It all seems very tacked on and like they are trying to ape Nintendo’s success. I think a 360 would be the best choice for the reasons stated though. I really don’t console game very much at all so it’s hardly a priority. It as much an older version of myself remembering good times as much as anything.

Thirding the 360 recommendation. Not that I own one myself, but the PS Triple, if nothing’s changed recently, is quite expensive and has a more limited library. Plus, with some games, you can cross-platform play with PC gamers on the 360.

Also, the new hire is too cute. I want to wrap him in paper and add frosting on top and call him Lil Cuppycake.

Lovely as she is, I’ve gotta say that Carol is most definitely the kind of person who would make my life utterly miserable, and that I would hate with an intense passion. ^^;

So I had to post here, just whipped thru the entire comic series over the course of an evening…I have no idea what site I got here from initially. Amusing stuff, obviously….I read 684 pages of it. ANYWAY, about the 360, I noticed your initial issue was “which one to get”, and everyone’s only said “get a 360”. That wasn’t your question.

Ok, you DO NOT want the cheapest one. It’s got 4 gig of memory on it, which won’t last long if you like…I dunno, demos or downloadable games. I’ve pulled down several demos over a gig, and I just downloaded a 2 gig game. Even some patches for games are monstrous. Not to mention installing some games to the hard drive so they load a lot faster (some open-world games run a LOT better that way).
I know it’s an extra $100, but the $300 model now has a 250 gig drive on it, which is probably way more than you’ll ever use. The new model also runs a LOT quieter than the original, which brings me to my next, and MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice:
DO NOT BUY A USED 360. When a 360 is out of warranty and RedRings, you can wrap it in a towel to cause it to overheat and (I know this sounds retarded) fix itself….for a short period of time. During that time, the owner will take it to gamestop or wherehaveyou to trade it in, and it’ll work when they test it. The poor bastard who buys it may get a week or two out of it, possibly only an evening.
They are pricey toys, for sure. On the big upside for you, there’s a HUGE catalog of great older games for it that can be had for a song. You may also inadvertently become addicted to GamerScore. It will creep up on you, and one day you’ll realize you’re miserably replaying a game on its hardest difficulty just to get that last 10 point achievement. Don’t think so? I warned you. You will tell yourself it doesn’t matter. And it won’t, at first. But you will see. GamerScore is really that goddamn ring that Gollum can’t stop thinking about. It didn’t melt, it just went digital.

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